Karina Braun of Get In Touch Education and Stephanie Whittier of T spheres Inc. have partnered together to teach spa therapists t spheres® technique. T spheres® now offers retail and in treatment training from Braun, a National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork-approved provider.

T Spheres® is a multipurpose product that can help prevent RSI for the therapist. It is a nice retail addition to a practice that helps bring in a purposeful income for the licensed massage therapist–the clients can take them home and start to use daily to help keep chronic pain at bay.

Hot-stone massage has been a popular addition to many spas, and the t spheres® massage ball is a tool that serves in session with successful retail sales after the session. T spheres® can be used in session on trigger points for deeper releases, allowing the massage therapist to use less physical exertion with the wrists, thumbs and hands.

In addition, t spheres® are the perfect dually beneficial tool for both massage therapists and clients. Injury prevention and longevity for the massage therapist is crucial for maintaining a healthy and profitable spa atmosphere. With 15 years research and three years in the marketplace, t spheres® has shown excellent results in session and on the spa retail shelf.

T spheres education for spas include retail training, in session techniques and self-care treatments. The t spheres massage package is a great addition to a spa menu and incorporates the use of the t spheres® ball in session on chronic area of tension and gives simple self-care instructions for the client to perform in between sessions.

Online courses and live trainings are available to teach therapists how to use these tools in session to help prevent injury and strain on the hands. Braun also uses t spheres® in Creating Peace with Your Hands seminars.

Contact Stephanie Whittier by e-mail at stephanie@tspheres.com if you are a spa that is interested in trainings and visit Karina Braun’s education site at www.igetintouch.com for information on massage therapy continuing education.