Tai Chi May Help with Asthma, MASSAGE Magazine Self-Care TipTai chi, a traditional Chinese exercise that includes coordinated breathing and body movements, may provide more benefits than reducing stress and helping with balance. According to WebMD Health News, new research shows tai chi may help asthma sufferers better control their breathing and improve exercise performance.

For the study, scientists in Thailand enrolled 17 adult patients with persistent asthma in a six-week tai chi training program. Following the training period, patients showed significant improvements in peak flow variability, asthma control and quality-of-life measures, according to the news report.

In addition, the report said patients were shown to be more comfortable on a six-minute walk and increased their maximum work rate and maximum oxygen consumption after taking part in the exercises.

The researchers concluded tai chi can help people control asthma and prove to be an effective, nonpharmacologic adjunctive therapy for people with persistent asthma.

Tai chi is also used to increase flexibility, improve muscle strength and increase energy and feelings of well-being.

WebMD Health News