TAIPEI, Taiwan–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Responding to the global economic recession and economic pressures of various kinds, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau is carrying out planning for a wide range of new travel products that focus on the island’s high-quality, diversified, super-value offerings to attract more international tourists. In the field of health travel, last year’s successful Foot Reflexology event is being followed up this year with the “2009 Acupressure Massage Experience” in the ongoing effort to exhibit Taiwan’s broad spectrum of health-travel options to the world.

A total of 350 international travelers from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and other countries will participate in the Acupressure Massage Experience. Calculating on the basis of US $250 in spending per person per day, and a stay in Taiwan of four nights and five days, Taiwan will gain revenues of NT $14 million from the event plus the added benefit of coverage in the international media.

The visual design for this event uses a multicolored background to express the sprit of vigorous health that people feel after receiving treatment. The event emphasizes the idea of “super value” and will have its own special logo to represent the theme of “Taiwan.Health.Value” and create a relaxing and happy atmosphere. The participants will enjoy the healthful pleasure of the massage and the feeling of comfortable well-being that follows as they savor a super-value health travel experience.

The masseurs are all visually impaired. The name of the event will be written in Chinese on the honorary certificates of participation presented to them and to the tourists who participate, expressing appreciation and respect to the masseurs and giving the foreign tourists an added feeling of the uniqueness of the experience.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau emphasizes that Taiwan offers a large number of super-value health travel products: hot springs, massage, hair shampoo, spas, traditional facial-hair removal, health foods, and medical treatment, among others. All of these products give extra value for money and have won high praise from international travelers, encouraging the Tourism Bureau to organize more such promotional events in the future with the aim of developing Taiwan into an “Asian island of healthy, happy tourism.”