No “fooling” around with “I am in Control Day”

DALLAS, Texas 3/30/2009 09:58 PM GMT (TransWorldNews) April Fools’ Day may be just around the corner, but it’s no fooling that there’s another important holiday to celebrate this week-March 30th is officially “I am in Control Day.”

With dozens of demands for your time and attention every day, it’s important to devote a day to yourself and make a commitment to be in charge of your life, your health and your happiness. Here are five ways you can take control:

Put things on pause. Stop what you’re doing. Take a deep breath. When you’re multitasking, your mind can’t focus on the future. Today, close your eyes, sit still and envision those things that will help you feel calm and content.

Set some priorities. Part of feeling in control is accepting that you can’t do it all. No one can. But if you decide what’s really important-spending time with friends or family, campaigning for a cause, fitting in “me” time or getting ahead at work-you can commit to the things that will make the most difference in your life. And say no to the things that won’t.

Simplify your surroundings. No matter how focused your goals are, it can be difficult to feel in control when you’re surrounded by clutter and chaos. Today, set up a new filing system for your office or your bills at home. Clean out your closet and junk drawer. Make a clean sweep by getting rid of things in your life that don’t have a purpose or make you happy. Donate them to charity or pass them on to a friend. When you feel in control of your environment, the rest of your day will fall into place.

Manage your money. In this economy, it’s easy to let financial fears run your life. While you’re not entirely in charge of your income, you can rein in expenses. Examine your spending habits to see what you can cut out or trim down. From big things-like refinancing your mortgage-to small-like packing your lunch instead of going out every day-being budget-conscious can help you feel more in control. What you don’t want to sacrifice are investments in your health and happiness, like getting regular health checkups and monthly massages.

Put yourself first. You need to be at your best— mind, body and soul -to get the most out of life. Today, do something all for you. Carve out a little “me” time. You deserve it. Take a day off to explore an art museum. Sign up for a new exercise class. Book a middle-of-the-day massage. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers. Go have a Massage Envy massage.

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