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Research is a big part of running a successful massage therapy practice and educating future massage therapists.

As research has begun shaping our understanding of manual therapies and massage therapy benefits, it is important that the Massage Therapy Foundation stay connected to the needs of the donors and the massage therapy community.

To that end, the foundation’s Education Committee is conducting a needs analysis on continuing education related to massage therapy research topics, via a survey of massage therapists and supporters.

The foundation—whose mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of massage therapy by supporting scientific research, education and community service—aims to ensure massage practitioners have a voice in what they feel is interesting, beneficial, or essential to research-related educational offerings via online and traditional face-to-face offerings at conventions and conferences.


your feedback matters

Massage Therapy Research Input

There are many reasons this survey is important for both individual therapists and the profession: Maybe you have a specific need for information for your clientele; possibly you are interested in submitting a case report for publication and you are unsure how to format and submit; or maybe you see a gap in research education that best serves future massage therapists.

The foundation seeks input from massage therapists as to the massage therapy research topics and material that will best serve their practices, the massage therapy community, and required research-related continuing education.

The foundation’s Education Committee also encourages massage therapists to fill out the other options or opinions sections if there is additional content they want to see.

What is it you want to know about research, and how can the Massage Therapy Foundation best deliver affordable content? Click here to take the survey and make your voice heard.


Brent JacksonAbout the Author

Brent Jackson is the Education Committee Chairman and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Massage Therapy Foundation. Jackson also serves as the academic program manager for massage therapy at Central Carolina Technical College.