If you are looking to add value to your massage therapy or bodywork sessions by increasing the level of service you bring to each of your clients, consider starting with your massage cream. It may sound too easy to believe, but the way you use your massage cream and the kinds of massage cream you choose to use truly can boost the quality of your massage therapy and bodywork services.

One of the key points to remember as you begin your quest to show clients an improved level of service is you need to convey the new added value to your clients. Of course, you will not want to do this in an arrogant fashion, but rather in an informative manner—letting them know what you have to offer and how they stand to benefit.

Start with the massage cream you use most during your massage therapy and bodywork appointments. This should be a massage cream you are proud to use, meaning you can stand behind its ingredients and even the manufacturing methods. Make a note on your massage menu or any other relevant marketing material, informing your clients about what your massage cream contains and how it benefits them during their time on the table and perhaps even after the session.

For example, if you use a massage cream that contains completely natural and organic ingredients that were grown and processed in a plant-friendly manner, then you will want to incorporate this into your marketing material. If the massage cream enhances your hands-on techniques or if it packs an extra moisturizing benefit, then you should consider mentioning these benefits as well.

Besides including such positive details about your massage cream on the marketing material for your practice, you should also make it a point to tell clients, especially if they are new to your practice, about these perks prior to the start of each massage therapy or bodywork session.

Letting your clients know all the wonderful aspects of the massage cream you are about to use on their bodies can help make them feel even more pampered during and after the appointment. This kind of communication can help convey to your clients that you care enough to convey such details, and that the products you use on their skin are top of the line.

Massage creams can add value to your massage therapy and bodywork sessions in other ways as well. One of these ways is through the use of several different massage creams, each geared toward specific areas of the body.

For instance, if you can find a massage cream that is made especially for use on the facial skin of clients, then you can add value to your sessions by explaining the benefits of this cream, which could range from moisturizing to anti-aging or simply noncomedogenic properties.

Another example would be a massage cream formulated specifically for the feet, with ingredients that can help soften rough heels and soothe aching soles.

Brandi Schlossberg