It seems some of the most popular products are those that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and in a wide variety of ways. In other words, items that are fairly flexible often can give consumers the most bang for their buck.

This holds true in the world of massage therapy and bodywork when it comes to a multitude of products. For example, massage creams are often the most popular type of bodywork lubricant available, as most of these creams can be applied for use in a lot of different modalities.

What gives massage cream its versatility is the fact that this kind of lubricant typically offers a nice blend of both “slip” and “grip.” This means massage cream can be used with a bodywork modality that entails smooth, gliding strokes, and it also often can be used with a technique that involves the opposite—deep, focused work in specific spots.

Although massage creams are known for this combination of friction and glide, and the flexibility this offers, it is always a good idea to “test drive” several different massage creams if you’re attempting to stock your practice room for the first time or if you’re looking to change up your current product selection.

Even if you’re quite content with the massage cream you have been using for years, it is a smart move as a professional touch therapist to try out different products every now and again. Similar to so many other fields, product development for massage lubricants, including massage creams, can alter and advance rather dramatically in just a few years.

Therefore, although you may be happy with your current massage cream, there is no telling whether you would be even more satisfied if you tried some of the most recent products to hit the marketplace when it comes to massage cream.

No matter the motivation behind your search for a new massage cream, even if you’re simply inspecting what is out there, asking the manufacturer for several samples is a wonderful idea. Most of these companies will be more than happy to ship you sample sizes to try out before making a larger purchase.

The reason it is important to try a wide array of massage creams is because you want to find the one that provides the optimum enhancement to the hands-on work you do. Of course, this will be different for every massage therapist and bodyworker, depending on the modality he or she practices.

For instance, if you happen to have a client base full of athletes and other highly active clients, there is a good chance you might perform quite a bit of deep work, focusing on specific sore spots on the body or sports-related issues. In this case, you will probably want a massage cream that offers quite a bit of that “grip,” and perhaps only a slight amount of “slip.”

Fortunately, it almost always is possible to adjust the amount of friction and glide offered by a massage cream by applying either more or less, as the situation dictates.

–Brandi Schlossberg