Indulge in the unique neroli orange blossom and citrus spa treatments on Alvadora Spa’s new spa treatment menu at the Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix, Arizona.

Phoenix, AZ (OPENPRESS) April 4, 2009 — The Alvadora Spa at Royal Palms Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona, managed by Destination Hotels & Resorts, has developed a menu of citrus-based spa treatments that is unexpectedly indigenous to the Phoenix area and offers a very different “sense of place” from the typical desert-inspired spa treatments.

In 1929, the original Royal Palms Resort and Spa was built on 65 acres in the middle of a citrus grove at the base of Camelback Mountain. Today, many of the original trees are peppered throughout the grounds and around the Alvadora Spa. Further, in years past, citrus was one of four key drivers of the Phoenix economy.

At a resort synonymous with romance, the Alvadora Spa’s menu of signature spa treatments featuring the fragrant orange blossom scent is quite fitting. The orange blossom scent comes from neroli, the fragrant bitter orange blossom which produces one of the most cherished and expensive oils in the botanical kingdom. Neroli is named after Anna-Maria de la Tremolille, Princess of Nerola (near Rome) in the 17th Century. According to tradition, orange blossoms were used in bridal bouquets to calm apprehension before the couple retired to the marriage bed. Today, the orange blossom represents joy, sensuality, weddings and romance.

The Alvadora Spa in Phoenix was specifically designed to provide a selection of spa treatments for couples in the spa’s Acqua Dolce suite. Featuring two heated stone tables with overhead rain showers, the suite opens to a private outdoor patio with a fireplace and waterfall shower. A therapeutic herbal tub and open views of the garden highlight the adjoining Acqua Giardino room.

  • Citrus spa treatments include:
    Citrus Grove Facial, 90 minutes starting at $200. This is an anti-aging facial using products brimming with neroli-based antioxidants to combat premature aging and provide skin with a healthy glow. The orange blossom skin care treatment includes a luxurious acupressure and lifting facial massage, a hydrating hand treatment and an application of Vitamin C (an ampoule is provided to take home for continued results).
  • Orange Blossom Body Buff, 60 minutes starting at $135. The sweet, uplifting scent of neroli oils is enchanting. Neroli is a naturally balanced moisturizing essential oil from the orange blossom, and it helps to restore moisture and support the skin’s renewal process. A vigorous exfoliation is followed by a scalp and neck massage while the body is cocooned in warmth. The spa treatment is finished with a rich body lotion and mists of neroli water.
  • Citrus with a Twist Massage, 60 or 90 minutes starting at $135 or $195 respectively. Combining the sense of smell with touch, this massage uses a variety of essential citrus and orange blossom oils to balance and restore energy.
  • Simply Citrus Manicure, 30 minutes starting at $35. A soothing therapy for dry, parched hands begins with a citrus soak, followed by nail grooming, a moisturizing application of citrus lotion and polish.
  • Simply Citrus Pedicure, 30 minutes starting at $45. Beginning with a citrus soak to rejuvenate the feet, this pedicure is followed by nail grooming, a moisturizing application of citrus lotion, and polish.

For information and reservations, call the Alvadora Spa at 602-977-6400 or visit