Averill Park, NY (Vocus/PRWEB) March 30, 2011– The Yoga of Medicine program at the American Meditation Institute (AMI) in Averill Park, New York, will offer a new course by AMI founder Leonard Perlmutter entitled “Breathing as Medicine” on April 9, 2011, from 10 a.m. to noon.

Clinical studies have found that 75 percent of the toxins released every day by the body are expelled through respiration; however, our habitual inhaling and exhaling through the mouth and chest may not be enough. If we do not breathe fully, deeply and diaphragmatically through the belly, we are not supplying our bodies with enough oxygen and subtle energy known as prana. Yogic breathing techniques, taught in this course, encourage all systems within the body to operate optimally.

According to Perlmutter, “By re-learning to breathe as you did as an infant, you can enhance your immune system and capacity for exercise, lower your blood pressure, increase creativity and reduce many symptoms of heart disease, anxiety, depression, dementia, headaches, migraines, low back pain, insomnia, addictions, smoking, PMS, hot flashes and many emotional conditions associated with fear and anger.”

In addition to Perlmutter, faculty for this workshop will include holistic physician Beth Netter, M.D., and accredited AMI meditation teacher Mary Helen Holloway.

Perlmutter is the founder of the American Meditation Institute and award-winning author of The Heart and Science of Yoga: A Blueprint for Peace, Happiness and Freedom from Fear. Noted physicians Mehmet Oz, Dean Ornish and Larry Dossey have endorsed Perlmutter’s book, which serves as the curriculum for his meditation and yoga mind-body medicine CME course for physicians.

About the American Meditation Institute

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