The Art of Raising Frequency is a powerful energy healing modality that incorporates profound and empowering—yet simple—self-care techniques to keep your energy systems clear, while rejuvenating and revitalizing every level of your being.

The Art of Raising Frequency is a powerful energy healing modality that incorporates profound and empowering—yet simple—self-care techniques to keep your energy systems clear, while rejuvenating and revitalizing every level of your being.

Prior experience with energy work isn’t needed to benefit from this profound exercise. Simply say yes and follow the step-by-step instructions while holding the intention of being open to receive its many energetic benefits.

The interaction of therapist and client calls for the therapist to hold a strong, clear energy field for best therapeutic results.

Sometimes therapists feel they pick up negative energy from their clients or have difficulty clearing themselves after a heavy session. We, the authors, Barbara Evans and Jenny Davis, have designed a self-care healing technique that assists in clearing any transferred energy from a client. If you are a therapist who experiences a feeling of being drained post-session, this exercise is a must.

Some therapists may choose to use this technique to help them step out of their own personal dramas and into client focus. By raising your vibration, this exercise can provide a platform to clear and reset yourself before treatment begins.

This exercise is highly recommended for daily use or for use between clients to keep your vibration at its highest level.

The Rays of Creation images that create the foundational structure for this exercise connect with the creative power that exists within Source, the very heart of creation. Their function is to activate the innate powers of creation held within each individual, for they hold Activation codes from Source—light, sound and highly specific geometry.

By focusing on the images and actively participating in the exercise the codes interface with your energetic systems, inviting them to clear, awaken and gently restructure at the deepest levels. The intention is for each and every cell to shimmer with vital energy and align with its inner divine blueprint in order to enable gentle recalibration and restoration at every level of your being.

We now invite you to experience this exercise.

Step 1: Attune to Heart of Divinity Master Key

• Gaze upon the center of the Heart of Divinity image, bringing your awareness to your breath. Take three clear breaths. See, sense and feel the five petals of white in the very center.

• Once you feel connected, allow your awareness to move slowly outward through all the layers of the image. Feel the pink, yellow, greens, purples and gold. Slowly move out through the colors to the small golden squares in the outer circle.

• Now imagine stepping onto the Heart of Divinity Master Key

• It is a key that offers to open the way for gentle release of anything you are holding within that is inhibiting you from being the fullness of who you truly are.

Step 2: Working with the Master Key

• As you imagine yourself standing on the Master Key, bring your hands together at the front of your body and further imagine the tips of your fingers extending downward until they touch the center of the white petals. Gently move your hands outward to extend the image to a diameter of six to eight feet.

• Now bring your hands slowly upward toward the sky, imagining you are lifting the image up as it scans your body.

• Next, bring your hands down slowly, as the image moves down with them it is clearing any energy that is no longer serving you. Pay attention to any sensations you have in your body. Really notice your breath.

• Bring your hands up for a second time, raising the Master Key once more. This time, codes are activating within the image that are perfect for your needs in this moment.

• As your fingertips come to the top, take a breath. Then slowly bring your hands down again, inviting the activated codes to integrate within your energy fields, within your cells, and within the very heart of your being.

• Next we begin the regeneration phase. Bring your hands up for the third time, raising the Master Key once more, this time inviting the regeneration of every level of your being.

• As your hands come together at the top take a deep breath, breathing out with purpose.

• The final stage of this step is to slowly bring your hands down once more as you envision yourself being surrounded by a Divine Shield of Protection.

Step 3: Attune to Ray 3 – Rose Pink (Essence: Divine Love & Oneness)

• Gaze upon Ray 3 while still imagining you are standing on the Master Key. Allow your awareness to come directly into the center.

• Now imagine Ray 3 is above your head beaming down a cylinder of Pink Light enfolding you in vibrations of Divine Love and Oneness.

Step 4: Diamond and Octahedron

• As you are standing within the pink cylinder of light, four more images arrange themselves in a diamond shape at waist height. Their energies interplay with the Master Key and Ray 3, creating an Octahedron of ever-moving kaleidoscopic frequencies around you.

• Hold the intention that these four new images have come to raise your frequency.

• First, bring your attention and soft gaze to Ray 11, Peach Rose. It brings frequencies of joy and encourages you to step forward in alignment with your divine purpose.

• Next, bring your gaze to Ray 1, Sapphire Blue, and feel its strength, power and protection. It has your back.

• Now move your gaze to Ray 7, Amethyst, and allow the frequencies to further transmute any remaining heavy energies as the violet flame ignites within your being the fullness of who you are.

• Finally, allow your gaze to fall upon Ray 8, Aquamarine, and invite clarity and discernment to come forward to show you the way.

• Visually absorb the colors and frequencies activating throughout your cylinder of light. Breathe and relax. Hold until you feel complete.

Enjoy Profound Benefits

As you become practiced with this technique, it takes about three minutes and can easily be incorporated into a daily routine. We hope you choose to fully enjoy the profound benefits of this new innovative approach to self-care.

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Barbara Evans
Barbara Evans

About the Authors

Barbara Evans is an award-winning author, artist and creator of a unique Energy Healing Modality, the Art of Raising Frequency, based on a synergy of sacred geometry, sound, crystals and celestial light. Through raising frequency this cutting-edge technology clears negative energy, inspires new levels of well-being, and transforms lives.

Jenny Davis
Jenny Davis

Jenny Davis is a Certified Energy Health Practitioner, Ordained Healer, Intuitive Development Mentor, and Art of Raising Frequency Practitioner. Jenny’s dedication to spiritual awareness provides the foundation of her work. She is committed to expanding awareness, elevating consciousness, and creating pathways for intentional living.