The Base Chakra and the Archetypes: Where are Your Roots?, MASSAGE MagazineArchetypes represent the positive and negative aspects within each of us. They each embody a particular, fixed pattern of behavior that serves to mirror aspects of our unconscious mind. Qualities of emotions, such as strength/weakness or love/hate, are reflections of our human construction. Recognizing archetypes as representatives of our deep, inner emotions helps us understand behaviors and motivations and gives us a tool to work with. Understanding the energy of the chakra and of the archetypes present in that energy is fundamental in growth and healing.

The base chakra is located at the base of the spine. The primary task of this energy center is to draw and filter energy from the earth and to provide a grounding foundation for the higher chakra energies. The emotional issues around this chakra relate to survival and security, and the relationships of family, friends and community. The positive archetype for this chakra is the Earth Mother, while the negative is the Victim. These two archetypes mirror our attitudes and beliefs regarding the right to exist. By exploring each of them, our awareness increases and gives us the opportunity for growth.

The base chakra’s task of providing a grounding foundation is critical. From this energy center, we connect our feelings and experience to our physical body, which in turn helps us relate to others. Without grounding our energy, emotions become stuck and unable to flow, and we lose the ability to define our experience of reality and the expression of who we are. We lose our place in the physical world.

People who live mostly in thoughts (in their heads) struggle with being grounded. It is easy for them to become disconnected from feelings and unable to deal with emotions, or to care for themselves properly. Grounding enables basic support systems to be maintained, and our most basic needs are met. The way back to the grounded state involves reconnecting with our inner being (the part that is eternal) and to bring awareness back into our body. This connects body with spirit, and allows us to make decisions based on our highest and best good. We can let go of expectations and embrace the energetic flow that enables us to go through the process of change. Flexible and fluid, life unfolds as it should and we are free from the need to control.

The Victim is the lowest level of energy and awareness. It is the perspective of “something happened to me,” and has little awareness and takes no responsibility for the situation. Feeling like they have no choice in the matter, they are stuck in a helpless state relying on a rescuer to save them, existing disconnected. The mind is stuck in fear and desperation with no sense of empowerment, paralyzing the psyche and the body. Alcohol and drugs become a temptation, in an effort to self-soothe, but leads to further disconnection. Life circumstances, such as divorce, illness, death and bankruptcy, easily uproot and unground people and can lead them to victimhood. The key is attitude and awareness of choice, which leads to empowerment. The ability and willingness to reframe circumstances as an opportunity for change and growth is transforming.

The Earth Mother is the highest energy level expressed in the root chakra. She represents our ability to create and nourish our life-force energy. She is so connected and deeply rooted in our being that detachment is not possible. She helps us develop and express the feminine receptive aspects of self. It is within the receptive nature that the capacity for love is created.

When we depend on others to be the Earth Mother, we do not allow her growth within us. Thus, we depend on others and we lose our ability to care and nurture self; our growth is impeded and we are less able to meet life’s challenges. When we are our own Earth Mothers, we acknowledge our physical limitations, emotional strengths and the fallibility of the mind.

There are situations that occur where we fall out of balance and it becomes important to be a good Earth Mother to ourselves in order to reconnect and reground and gain balance. This may be doing an activity that comforts and soothes us, such as taking a walk, gardening or cooking. It allows us the safe space to rebalance, and to feed the soul, giving the spiritual nourishment we need in times of challenge.


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Lynn Zambrano, R.N., has worked professionally as a nurse on a psychiatric crisis unit. While working as a nurse, she studied energy healing and further developed her intuitive gifts. As a life guide, she helps women achieve the life they want by breaking through perceived barriers, finding inner wisdom, clarity of mind and inner strength. For more information on Zambrano, visit, as well as her Twitter and Facebook pages.