In an article posted June 1 to the Web site of Employee Benefit News, “Make it hurt so good: Relieving chronic pain with massage at the workplace,” author McLean Robbins describes the massage session he received at the Institute for Health and Productivity Management national conference in Orlando, Florida, and tells how major employers are utilizing massage therapy.

The session was provided by an employee of Industrial Massage, an onsite massage business.

Robbins writes, “Industrial Massage has attracted some familiar clients like Boeing and FedEx … Boeing Corp. has included Industrial Massage as a component in its Industrial Athlete program for the past three years. The company has tens of thousands of employees working in manufacturing across Washington State.

“Boeing estimates that workers have seen an average three-point drop on a 10-point pain scale. The company has transformed return-to-work rates from virtually nothing to 90% return-to-job in only two years.”

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