From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Retail For Results: Provide Better Care to Clients with Product Sales,” by Karen Menehan, in the August 2010 issue. Article summary: Massage clients benefit from specialized self-care products, and today’s massage therapists understand offering products for sale not only assists clients, but also contributes to the health of a massage practice. Here, seven massage therapists describe why they offer products for sale, how retail sales benefits clients and the best ways to communicate with clients about products.

by Emily LeFave

Your client has sought you for an indulgent and effective spa treatment. Suggest that she indulge in the finest treatments and products you offer. Make a personal or team goal to discuss products.

1. Before a treatment. As soon as a client books a treatment, you can start discussing products. Try to pre-book two or more treatments for each client. Find out what type of ingredients she enjoys, and what type of treatment she is seeking.

2. While assessing your client’s skin-care needs. Inquire about your client’s personal skin-care needs. The more you know about your client and her family’s skin, the better you can treat and suggest products for her. Find out if your client is sensitive to ingredients, and her natural and organic preference. Show your client samples of products you have and suggest three or more spa treatments to rejuvenate and pamper her mind, body and soul.

3. When applying a product to your client’s skin. Be sure to educate her about which specific products you are polishing, misting or massaging her with, without being pushy. Inform your clients so they can recognize and purchase products from you.

4. After a treatment is complete. Once your client is rejuvenated after a treatment, suggest three products you think would benefit her between treatments. Take the extra time to bring your client to your retail section and discuss which product she needs to maintain her skin between appointments.

5. In between appointments. Retrieve e-mail addresses from your clients and e-mail them about new products and services you offer. By e-mailing your clients, you can show them you care about them and keeping their business.

Remember not to discuss products after you have applied them and when your client is relaxing. Know when to let them have their Zen.

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