Brings Users and Alternative Healthcare Providers Together with Information and Healing Methods

Castle Rock, Colorado, October 8, 2008 – The Body Healer LLC today launched a free online resource – – dedicated to a natural and holistic approach to health and well-being for people and animals.  The Body Healer is a community that empowers visitors and alternative healthcare providers to come together to learn about different healing methods as well as share knowledge, ideas, and experiences.  

The Body Healer was created to respond to the growing concern about the accessibility, cost, and limitations of conventional medicine.  According to a 2004 survey from the Center for Studying Health System Change, approximately six million Americans (13 percent) turned to complementary and alternative medicine to treat conditions such as chronic pain and depression because conventional medicine was price prohibitive.  It is estimated that during 2007, mind-body therapies eliminated up to 37 percent of visits to the doctor per year and saved $54 billion annually.

“Our site was created as a one-stop, single resource to empower others to restore themselves and the world to a state of health and balance,” said Irini Dobeck, co-creator of The Body Healer.  “The Body Healer is the only website of its kind to offer extensive information and a powerful set of tools which allow members to share their experiences and success stories, and where practitioners are provided with a platform to display their practice locations, testimonials, case studies, and detailed information on their healing specialties.”

The Body Healer key features include:


  • Illnesses:  From arthritis to pneumonia and yeast infections, The Body Healer allows users to search alternative therapies for solutions to a specific illness or condition.  
  • Practitioners, Schools and Associations: Find alternative therapy practitioners, schools, and associations in a specific area.
  • Case studies, Success Stories and Articles: Search through member submissions for information and solutions using alternative healing therapies.

Healing Methods:  The Body Healer features detailed information on therapies, including background and principles, what to expect during a treatment, the benefits of each treatment, the equipment used, and career information in the following areas:

  • Animal/Pet Therapies
  • Ayurveda                                                            
  • Bach Flower Remedies 
  • Bioenergetics                                       
  • Chiropractic                                           
  • Chromatherapy              
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Massage
  • Chinese Medicine:  acupressure, acupuncture, Chinese massage, QiGong and
  • Energy therapies:  bioenergetics, chromatherapy, quantum touch and reflexology

Learning Center: The Learning Center provides educational articles and an open forum to understand the principles of natural therapies; to learn about meditation and various meditation techniques; to learn or share simple daily routines to practice for health, wellness and balance; and a glossary of terms used.

Animal/Pet Therapies:  In recent years there has been a significant move towards alternative therapies for pets and animals. The Web site offers extensive information and case studies on holistic animal therapies, and features veterinary healthcare providers that treat pets using methods such as chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy, and massage.

Articles: Featured articles about innovative thinkers and passionate people who have made a difference in the field of holistic and environmentally-conscious living, and advances in the field of holistic living.

Bringing Users and Providers Together  

Members can share their experiences and successes using alternative therapies, leave testimonials for practitioners, submit success stories and articles about alternative therapies, healing and meditations, and post educational articles.

“Until recently, I had never given alternative therapy much consideration, but after a first visit to your site I knew that it would be one of my favorites. The information is clear and concise with just the right degree of explanation.  After several visits to your site, I am excited that I might have found a possible alternative therapy to the failed conventional medicinal therapy I have tried for a health problem but with little success or relief,” said Spotsylvania, VA -based Steve LaLonde.

Practitioners receive the same benefits as members and in addition they can also build a customized profile that includes practice location, background and educational information, healing specialties, case studies, testimonials and web links.

“The Body Healer is a great way for me to market myself to prospective clients interested in massage therapy,” said Andrew Jurdan of West Roxbury, MA-based Zen Bodywork.  “The website also provides me with detailed information on alternative therapies that I can share with clients.”

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Headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado, The Body Healer, creator of the global health resource, is an organization dedicated to helping people throughout the world find a natural and holistic path/approach to health and balance in their lives.  The Body Healer is driven by passionate people who want to share their knowledge and experience in a community of respect, care, and support and who have chosen to individually and collectively make a powerful and positive change in the world.