Breema Center kicks off its 2010 focus on living the nine principles of harmony with a month-long dedication to “body comfortable” in January

OAKLAND, Calif., Jan. 20, 2010 — The Breema Center kicks off its 2010 focus on living the nine principles of harmony by dedicating January to the first principle: body comfortable.

The Breema Center will offer a two-part workshop on “The Principle of Body Comfortable in Outer and Inner Life” as a way to help students gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the body comfortable principle. Students will learn in these workshops and practice throughout the month how to use body comfortable to support them in everyday life.

“Body comfortable is a simple way to start working with the nine principles of harmony,” said Jon Schreiber, director of the Breema Center. “To find the true meaning of comfort, the whole body and the whole mind must participate. By learning to let go of even the tiniest bit of tension, you are making your body more comfortable and moving in the right direction.”

Body comfortable means accepting the condition of the body as it is, rather than trying to change it. The body cannot be comfortable if feelings are in turmoil, for example. If the mind is racing with stressful thoughts or cannot settle, the body cannot be comfortable. The more the principle is practiced, the more one’s understanding of the principle both deepens. To be truly comfortable means to live from one’s true, essential nature rather than from the image of oneself acquired from external influences.

The Breema Center will offer a two-part workshop Jan. 24. Students can attend one or both workshops.

Body Comfortable Workshop Part I—9:30 am  to 12:30 p.m.

The first workshop will offer an in-depth introduction and examination of body comfortable, from both the universal and individual perspectives. This workshop will offer fresh approaches to responding to life and its daily challenges.

Body Comfortable Workshop Part II—2 to 5 p.m.

The second workshop, led by Schreiber, presents an experiential introduction to body comfortable through Breema bodywork and self-Breema.

Breema and self-Breema are ideal means for discovering how to apply the nine principles of harmony while connecting to the body. The afternoon will focus on helping students gain a firsthand taste of body comfortable or expand the ability to work with this principle in one’s life during any activity. This workshop is for both beginners and experienced students.

Workshop pricing: Part I, $15; Part II, $15; and for both, $25.

To sign up for the workshop, call (510) 428-0937 or e-mail For more information about Breema, visit

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