The field of holistic animal care is growing as more pet owners and animal professionals are turning to natural health care for the animals in their care. Holistic animal care consultants are needed to fill this vital role.

PRLog (Press Release) – Dec 06, 2008 – Holistic animal care consultants can fill this role by providing quality care that helps animals on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

As a certified Lightfoot Holistic Animal Care Consultant (LHACC), you can start your own practice, incorporate your skills into your current animal business, or work for a holistic focused facility.  With your own practice, many of your consultations can be done from the comfort of your home.  If you presently have a full-time job, you can easily have a part-time practice and if you desire to do so, transition to a full-time practice.  If you already have an animal related business, you can earn additional income by offering consultation services.  You may also choose to utilize your holistic animal care skills by working for a holistic veterinarian, trainer, groomer, boarding facility, or shelter/sanctuary.

The Lightfoot Holistic Animal Care Consultant program consists of 7 hands on workshops and 4 correspondence courses covering nutrition, applied kinesiology, animal communication, reiki/energy work, and one elective (aromatherapy, crystal healing, EFT, flower essences, and health/homeopathy.)  The 50+ hours of hands on workshops provide a quality and intimate learning experience due to the small class size.  The 50+ hour home study curriculum continues the learning experience by providing you with the additional skills and support you need to become a professional consultant.

After completion of the program which provides a solid foundation in holistic animal care, you will be able to provide in person and distance consultations in nutrition/kinesiology, animal communication, reiki/energy work, and your elective.

Kim Shotola is the founder of The Lightfoot Way.  She has worked with animals at the Houston Zoo for over 17 years. She has been a supervisor for over 14 years, helping manage the care of over 1,000 domestic, livestock, wildlife, and exotic animals in the Children’s Zoo.  She is a holistic animal care instructor and consultant and has a private practice that is not affiliated with the zoo.  In addition to teaching workshops, Kim provides in person and distance consultations.  While she loves helping animals, her passion is teaching.  Sharing the knowledge with others so they can help animals is a true blessing for her.  She realizes the value of holistic animal care consultants and has designed this affordable program to meet the needs of this growing field.  Contact Kim today for more information about the certified Lightfoot Holistic Animal Care Consultant program.