Visionary Kelly Lott revolutionizes migraine headache relief with the Migraine Miracle Cold Stone Spa Treatment

(Fort Worth, TX) May 2, 2011-Each year approximately 50 million people in the U.S. suffer from migraine headaches. As stress levels, hormonal imbalances and environmental toxins reach an all-time high, this number is predicted to steadily rise. As a spa therapist, how can you help? Is there a market here to not only help your current clients but also increase business and profit margins? Well, thanks to the Migraine Miracle, there is now!

The Migraine Miracle is an innovative cold-stone therapy that is specifically designed for those who are looking for a quick way to achieve headache relief, naturally without the need for over-the-counter or prescription drugs.

The treatment is simple; using the Migraine Miracle Stone Therapy Set, you will follow an exact therapeutic procedure (this can be taught in a class or by instructional DVD) that combines the use of custom-designed cold marble stones to contour along key headache sites mixed with powerful aromatherapy.

So, how does it work? “Over the past three years, while designing and perfecting this product and therapy, I have spent countless hours researching the topic of migraine headaches, finding the most common causes and formulating a natural, healthy solution,” states Migraine Miracle creator Kelly Lott, L.M.T., M.T.I., N.C.B.T.M.B., C.I.M.I. “Through my research, I have found that the four most common triggers for migraine pain are reactions to food, stress, environmental toxins and hormonal imbalances. That’s why I developed this product line and system to specifically target those areas, while maintaining a pleasurable spa-like experience.” The cold marble stones work immediately to reduce the swelling of the blood vessels and the aromatherapy has been especially designed to counteract the top four kinds of headache pain.

Sounds hard, right? Well, it couldn’t be easier. The whole treatment takes only 30 minutes to perform, requires little equipment (massage table, towel, bowl, refrigerator and the Cold Stone Therapy Kit) and with the suggested retail price of the service being $80, therapists can easily make their initial investment back in just a few treatments. That means that after a few treatments, this therapy is virtually 100 percent profit (with the occasional refill of the cost-effective aromatherapy essential oils). Who doesn’t love a quick, easy treatment, that helps to resolve debilitating client pain, draws regular and new customers alike and has a high profit ratio?

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About Migraine Miracle

The Migraine Miracle is an innovative treatment created by Kelly Lott, L.M.T., M.T.I., N.C.B.T.M.B., C.I.M.I., designed specifically for people who want an alternative, homeopathic remedy for fast and dramatic relief treatment for all kinds of headaches, without the need for drugs. This therapy combines the use of powerful, specialized aromatherapy with custom designed cold marble stones created to perfectly conform to the key headache sites on the face dramatically reducing headache pain in a matter of minutes. This therapy can be performed cost-effectively virtually anywhere with the right tools and training. The Cold Stone Therapy Kit retails for $165.

About Lott Productions

Lott Productions, headed by Kelly Lott, L.M.T., M.T.I., N.C.B.T.M.B., CI.M.I., has been a major player in the spa industry for more than 15 years. Lott, who serves as president, is known as a visionary in the spa industry, creates custom product lines for spa services including the Migraine Miracle and the Al Di La natural spa product line. In addition to creating revolutionary spa product lines, Lott has been training massage therapists throughout the country for more than 15 years, in a variety of spa treatments, including: face toning, in pregnancy and post-partum massage, cold stone therapy, etc. Lott continues to provide educational seminars all over the US on her products and revolutionary treatments, in addition to continuing to inspire and teach. For more information, visit www.LottProductions.