The Healing Revolution SummitAsheville, N.C. —Frank King, DC and doctor of naturopathy, is bringing together several of the most notable advocates in the field of natural health for The Healing Revolution Summit in Asheville, N.C., July 18-20. This summit features 15 hours of CEUs for professionals, as well as instructive presentations for the general public.

The Healing Revolution Summit brings nationally recognized doctors and speakers to Asheville’s Crown Plaza Resort to share cutting-edge techniques and modalities. Attendees will learn from speakers about contemporary homeopathy, heavy metals, cancer, natural modalities for mental health, detoxification, health freedom, and easy-to-implement systems for alternative healing. The event will include lectures, a trade show, and demonstrations in natural healing hands-on techniques.

“With traditional Western medicine, the focus is on illness and disease, and how to mask the symptoms,” King said. “The Healing Revolution awakens our inner healing power. Epigenetics proves that each one of us is designed to live a long, healthy and abundant life.”

From his book, The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally!, King expects a groundswell of interest from people who want to connect with natural practitioners in all disciplines. At the summit, he plans to unveil his plan for including hundreds of natural health practitioners in a referral database for website visitors seeking a connection in their region.

“Embedded within us is a powerful healing force. Modern life often places inhibitions upon this force due to the way we eat, drink, sleep, relate, believe and respond to stress,” King said. “When we remove these inhibitions, natural life forces are freed to heal.”

Speakers will include King; Garry F. Gordon, MD, DO, MD(H); Hyla Cass, MD; Rashid A. Buttar, DO, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM medical director Center for Advanced Medicine and Clinical Research; Steven Ross, DC, DAAPM, FASBE national sales manager, SafeCareRx; Robert Scott Bell, D.A. Hom; David Gerhardt,  executive vice president of sales for King Bio; David Lee, DC, PhD, C.Ad.; popular speaker Ty Bollinger; Selina Delangre, president and CEO of Selina Naturally; and Charles P. Whalen DD, DC.

Attendees will mingle with naturopathic and homeopathic leaders during a meet-and-greet cocktail reception on the opening night, and free tours will be available for King’s Carolina Bison Ranch, which features bison — including one of the largest collections of rare white bison in the world — and camels.


About Frank King

Frank King is a chiropractor, doctor of naturopathy, and founder and president of King Bio, an FDA-registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company located in Asheville, N.C. King Bio is dedicated to education, research and development, and the manufacture and distribution of safe and natural homeopathic medicines for people and pets. King is also the author of The Healing Revolution: Eight Essentials to Awaken Abundant Life, Naturally! A fourth-generation farmer, King raises yak, camel, boar, wisent and American bison sold under the Carolina Bison brand. He is a member of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia Convention of the United States.