testimonialsTo complement “Market with Video: Attract New Clients & Raise Your Online Profile” in the September 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine. Summary: Client testimonials, whether in the form of online reviews, blurbs on a practice’s website, social media posts or case studies, can be a useful tool for massage therapists to expand their clientele.

In today’s digital age, clients have many tools available to research services before making a purchase. Gone are the days when companies control what we see, when we see it, and where we see it. Instead, purchase decisions are dominated by review sites such as Yelp; social media; and community forums.

Think about the last time you made a big purchase. Chances are you relied more on the opinions of friends and reviews from strangers than you did on a product description from the company’s website or information from a salesperson.

This is just as true for your potential massage clients as it is for you.


How people find a massage therapist

When searching for a massage therapist, your clients are going to ask their friends, browse for online reviews and evaluate your website. During this purchase decision process, it’s important that you set yourself up for success by sharing client testimonials. Quotes from your existing clients can help show that you provide great service and can help build trust between you and potential new clients.


Gather and post testimonials

Send your most loyal customers a short email asking for a two- or three-sentence testimonial. Let them know your potential clients like to hear what your long-term clients like about you because it helps new clients get to know you better, and it helps you attract new clients.

When you receive testimonials you like, ask clients if you can include them, along with their photos, on your website. A photo is important because it helps show each testimonial is from a real person.


Build case studies

Once you have a base of testimonials on your website, you can take time to get creative and expand on your testimonial strategy. For clients you are really comfortable with, ask if they’d be willing to be part of a case study.

A case study would outline what problem clients presented with, how you handled the sessions, and how great the clients felt afterward. Case studies give you the opportunity to show potential clients how professional you are—and if they are experiencing a similar issue, they can feel confident in your ability to treat them.


Maximize your media options

Mixing up different kinds of media is essential. Ask some clients for emailed testimonials, others for tweets that you can retweet, and still others for video testimonials.

If you maintain an Instagram account, a client can say great things about you in 15 seconds, the maximum length of an Instagram video.

The variety of media you use will give potential new clients plenty of options, plus it shows off your dedication to customer service.


Remind clients to review you

Finally, encourage customers to write reviews of you and your practice. Potential clients may not find you via your website—they might find your business when doing a search on a review site like Yelp or on your Facebook page, where their eyes will be immediately drawn to businesses with lots of five-star reviews. (For additional advice on gaining positive reviews, read 5 Tips to Get Yelp Reviews That Win New Clients.)


Don’t be shy

When it comes to testimonials, it’s important that you remain proactive. Once you’ve treated a client a few times, don’t be shy—people are generally very willing to help out, especially if you’ve relieved them of pain they once had. With purchase decisions largely influenced by what people find out about you online, testimonials can be an important factor in the long-term success of your business.


Daniel RuscignoAbout the Author

Daniel Ruscigno is one of the founders of ClinicSense, clinic management software that helps massage therapists with SOAP notes, intake forms, scheduling, billing and promoting their business. He also recently published his book, 15 Practical & Proven Ways To Grow Your Massage Business. He wrote “Market with Video: Attract New Clients & Raise Your Online Profile” for the September 2015 issue of MASSAGE Magazine.