MASSAGE Magazine‘s June issue, with a focus on cranial therapies, is arriving in mailboxes and on newsstands around the U.S. and Canada now.

The package of cover stories in the June issue includes “What Organizes Health? Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy,” by Roger Gilchrist, R.P.P., R.C.S.T.; and “Innovation, Simplicity, Elegance: The Cranial Release Technique,” by Adam Killpartrick, D.C.

Other articles in MASSAGE Magazine‘s June issue include:

• “Core Stabilization: Marvelous Multifidi Muscles,” by Doug Alexander, R.M.T.

• “Myofascial Treatment for Natural Foot Health,” by Aaron Gustafson

• “Vitamin D: Are You Getting What You Need?”

• “The Naturopathy-Aromatherapy Connection,” by Vatsala Sperling, Ph.D.

• Expert Advice on the topic of inflammation, by Bruno Chikly, M.D., D.O.

• “Massage Practice Success: Traffic, Leads and Customers,” by Stephanie Beck

• “Research: Qigong May Help Reduce Cocaine Cravings”

• “Research: Abdominal Massage Aids Constipation Treatment”

and more.

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