The Massage Docs, the founders and developers of the world-class business system for massage therapists, have the answers for therapists who are struggling in practice. They have selected proven and effective practice- and patient-management skills that doctors use in their practices and then adapted them just for massage therapists. With these skills, virtually any massage therapist can be successful in practice.

“Massage therapists just can’t help more people if they are struggling financially,” says Matt Lewis, D.C., developer of the Massage Docs’ Business Systems. “The greater a therapist’s income, the greater their ability to serve their patients, their community, and their profession but the struggling therapist can only focus on survival. Everybody benefits when therapists succeed, which is why the Massage Docs are dedicated to helping massage therapists become wildly successful by using world-class business systems. It’s so simple; without a first-class business system, practice is a constant struggle–but with the right practice- and patient-management procedures, virtually any therapist can succeed in practice and have a great income.”

The Massage Docs was founded in 2008 by Lewis and Renny Edelson, D.C., with the sole purpose of teaching massage therapists how to build busy practices and generate great incomes–using the proven practice- and patient-management skills they used to build their own busy practices. Their website ( is full of free content including webinars, blogs and even a free 20 minute practice building video ( They also have monthly prizes and information for their Facebook fans ( For additional information, contact them at