From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Healing Rhythms: Music and Vibration Augment Massage,” by Linda Gertrude Means, Ph.D., in the February 2010 issue. Article summary: Background music is an element in most massage practices, and music therapy is a much-studied field, with decades of clinical research demonstrating therapeutic effects for pain management, learning, immune response, blood pressure, respiration, depression, stroke recovery and other medical conditions.

by Ellen F. Franklin

Acutonics® is an energy-based, noninvasive treatment similar to acupuncture. Precision-calibrated tuning forks are applied to specific acupressure points to access the body’s meridian and chakra energy systems. These tuning forks represent a natural harmonic series based on the orbital properties of the Earth, moon, sun and planets. They are used on specific points, with high transformational impact on the physical, emotional and spiritual body, and are having exceptional results related to reducing stress and relieving chronic and debilitating conditions.

Everything in the universe vibrates, creating patterns of geometric waveforms, frequencies, intervals and sounds. These powerful sounds are brought into the world of natural health through the use of precision-calibrated planetary tuning forks. Acupressure points and chakras provide noninvasive access into the body’s’ core energetic systems. The planets provide musical intervals, archetypes, psychological depth and correspondences that help us fine-tune the therapeutic musical intervals applied to the body.

The Acutonics Certification Program grew out of our direct experience as educators and practitioners, as well as a personal commitment to reawaken the healing connections that bring art and spirit back to medicine. The program is approved for continuing education through the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Students explore the traditions of Asian medicine, energy medicine and sound healing, and learn specific, highly effective protocols that can be immediately integrated into clinical practice. This system is also highly intuitive, and there are excellent self-care protocols you can teach your clients to work with between sessions.

Developed more than 15 years ago, Acutonics® has been successfully integrated into Western medical environments. It is used in hospitals, clinics, private practice and spas. It provides gentle, nourishing support and is noninvasive. It has broad clinical applications used in conjunction with massage therapy to stimulate and balance the body’s physical and subtle energy fields to promote optimal health, balance and inner harmony.

There are thousands of case studies that speak to the efficacy of this modality, which reminds us of the mystery and grace of the universe, and opens us to the infinite possibility of reconnecting with Source—the ultimate source of original harmony.

Ellen Franklin is CEO of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, creators of the Acutonics Healing System. She is co-author of the forthcoming book, Acutonics® from Galaxies to Cells: Planetary Science, Harmony and Medicine. A certified practitioner and teacher of the Acutonics® System of Healing and Education, Franklin is a dynamic speaker who travels the world speaking at conferences and teaching the Acutonics Certification Program. To learn more about Acutonics, visit