Los Gatos, CA, September 19, 2011 – It took 18 months after the repurchase by the Private Equity Group formed by Catherine Atzen and Alex Quan for ATZEN to introduce the brand that offers what today’s sophisticated consumers expect.

“Since we have taken back control of the line that originated with Ms. Atzen, from Universal Companies, the spa industry’s largest distributor of spa products, we are excited to introduce to the industry the new ATZEN, embodying the values and aspirations of the modern consumer,” states Quan, president.

Here is what happened over the past year and a half:

  • New logo and packaging reflecting ATZEN’s philosophy: sensual, empowering, healthy
  • New formulas incorporating the advancement of new technology and green ingredients with decades of proven experience by ATZEN
  • New approach–the Advanced Home Spa System™, five easy-to-understand steps for consumer friendly skin care morning and night
  • New professional products that deliver unmatched results.

ATZEN identified the huge drivers for the industry:

  • Mature consumers want to look and feel fresh, and young
  • Increasing awareness regarding skin care in all segments of the population
  • Consumers are discriminating about what they put on their skin; and demand healthy products that do not bring pollutants into their bodies
  • Skin care is expanding to more and more men; using products is accepted in mainstream America

ATZEN fully responds to consumer demand, and by doing so establishes the gold standard for the skin care industry. ATZEN products are paraben-free, pharmaceutical-grade antioxidant formulation, natural emulsifiers from olives, scientifically advanced active ingredients (organic when available) derived from sustainable and renewable sources.

“Being a private entity, we are able to lend focus wherever it is needed quickly and effectively–being able to assist the industry’s professionals position themselves for growth”, says Atzen, who has worked with estheticians, spas, medical spas and plastic surgeons before it became en vogue.

For more information, visit www.atzen.com.