[Columbia, MD] – Toshiana Baker – 15-year esthetician, global spa educator and spa consultancy owner, welcomes founding members to the new Network of Multicultural Spa and Wellness Professionals (NMSWP).

“The Network was created to provide a professional platform that supports representation and the true diversity and inclusion that I felt was lacking throughout my career in beauty, spa and wellness. This is the preeminent tribe to thrive in the industry. It provides resources for personal and professional development to create a culture of wins for underrepresented and misrepresented professionals.” Baker says that the increased collective awareness of racial inequities, disparities, and lack of representation of people of color within the mainstream last year was the final nudge she needed to launch the idea that has been lingering for years as she navigated her career as a Black woman and minority in the global spa landscape. However, she said that the spectrum of representation in today’s global marketplace goes beyond race.

Baker points to the global population becoming predominantly multiethnic and multicultural as the main reason to believe. “We need to be about the business of better preparing and supporting the multicultural and multiethnic healers and practitioners across all disciplines to better serve the multiethnic and multicultural client. Anything less is incongruent and inauthentic.”

Learn more at www.nmswp.com.