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If you were asked to name a dangerous pathogen that caused thousands of infections over the past couple of years, what would come to your mind? Most of us would immediately think of COVID-19, and while this is the most obvious answer, it is certainly not the only one. You would also be correct if you named Staphylococcus, the culprit behind staph infections, or influenza, which causes seasonal flu.

While the pandemic has presented a unique challenge for massage therapists, the threat of infection is business as usual. Even if a surface looks clean, it may be harboring an invisible army of viruses, bacteria and fungi, waiting to infect their next victim. Disinfecting massage surfaces and tools is one of our strongest weapons in the battle against infection. 

 Building Your Disinfection Checklist

Disinfection Checklist for Massage Practices

✓ Massage tables
✓ Face cradles
✓ Cups
✓ Stones
✓ Rollers
✓ Reception area surfaces
✓ Oil/lotion pumps
✓ Sink areas
✓ Warming equipment
✓ Door handles
✓ Point-of-sale equipment
✓ Countertops
✓ Workstations
✓ Washrooms

The first step in creating effective disinfection protocols is to make a checklist of the surfaces and tools that must be disinfected. This will include surfaces that clients will touch during their appointment, like massage tables, face cradles, and tools such as cups and stones. Also, consider other high-touch surfaces, like point-of-sale equipment or door handles, that are easily forgotten. To the left is a sample checklist of surfaces, but of course this will be different for each practice.

It’s important to make sure that everyone on your team is up to speed on who is responsible for ensuring that each surface is being disinfected so nothing is missed. 

What’s the Risk? 

Once you have your checklist ready to go, you will need to determine how frequently each surface needs to be disinfected. This will depend on whether the surface is high risk or low risk for the spread of infection. Surfaces used during each client appointment will likely be high risk and should be disinfected more frequently (e.g., after each appointment). Other high-touch surfaces such as door handles may also fall into this category. On the other hand, surfaces that are only touched sometimes, like storage areas or floors, are likely low risk, and may only need to be disinfected occasionally.Having printed protocols readily available can help make disinfection easy for your team. 

To build your disinfection protocols, visit www.LearnAboutRejuvenate.com 

The Right Tools for the Job 

For massage therapists, the tools you use are important investments in providing top-quality services to your clients. Just as you would select professional-grade products when choosing cups or stones, the same goes for selecting the right disinfectant. Consumer brands may get the job done at home but choosing a professional disinfectant will offer your clients and team the protection they need in your practice. Look for an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant that is non-irritating to the user—this ensures that your product is tough on pathogens but gentle on people.

Rejuvenate™ Disinfectants were designed to meet the needs of massage practices. Rejuvenate is non-irritating and not associated with any health hazards, unlike other commonly used products, offering hospital-grade disinfection in as little as one minute. The Rejuvenate family recently welcomed a new member: the Special Edition Wipes, perfect for your workstation or to take on the go for quick and easy disinfection between clients.

Disinfection 101 

With your protocols established, now you’re ready to disinfect. Disinfecting properly comes down to remembering three simple steps. First, thoroughly wet the surface with your disinfectant. Ensure that any visible dirt or debris has been removed from the surface first so that the disinfectant can evenly cover the surface and target any pathogens present. It’s important that the entire surface is covered evenly with the disinfectant liquid and that no spots are missed.

The second step is to allow the surface to remain wet for the required contact time, as indicated on your product label. This step is critical—if the surface dries before the contact time has been reached, it hasn’t been disinfected!

Many commonly used disinfectants have unrealistically long contact times and will evaporate before the contact time has been achieved. Choosing a disinfectant with a rapid contact time will allow you to disinfect effectively with just one application. 

Last but not least, the final step is to simply allow the disinfectant to air dry or wipe the surface dry with a clean cloth. Some manufacturers may recommend a rinse step when disinfecting certain surfaces to provide a streak-free finish.

Disinfecting Massage Tools with Rejuvenate Special Edition Wipes

  1. Thoroughly wet your tools with Rejuvenate Special Edition Wipes. Make sure any visible dirt or debris, including oils, are removed from the tools before wiping.
  2. Allow the tools to remain visibly wet for at least one minute.*
  3. Leave to air dry. For certain tools such as glass cups, wipe with a damp, clean cloth after the contact time is met to provide a streak-free finish.
    *Read label or reference sheet for full list of claims and use directions.

Don’t Let Your Guard Down 

While COVID-19 has caused many of us to experience tunnel vision, it is far from the only pathogen we need to be aware of to keep our clients healthy. Even as we continue to emerge from the pandemic, disinfection protocols are just as important as ever to safeguard your massage practice. 

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Virox Technologies has been formulating revolutionary disinfectants for the war against pathogens for more than 20 years. As the creators of the Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide technology behind Rejuvenate, we are committed to providing safer, more sustainable solutions to support a wide range of industries in building robust infection prevention programs. In addition to developing innovative products, we are equally committed to providing education and technical support to help facilities optimize their infection prevention protocols. Using Rejuvenate with the right training and protocols can help you open with confidence each day.

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