Arlene Wilkinson is a massage therapist, aroma therapist, a Jin Shin Do acupuncturist, and last year she was certified as a medical Qigong practitioner. Qigong is a yoga-type exercise that combines body awareness and controlled breathing to restore energy and health throughout the body and mind. The exercise is practiced in many Chinese hospitals as it relieves aliments from headaches to insomnia to irritable bowel syndrome; and because Qigong has positions that can be preformed both sitting and while lying down. Wilkinson became involved with Qigong because she feels it fits well with her massage therapy, where she likes to implement methods that help teach her clients breathing techniques and how to restore Qi (energy) through connecting the body and mind.Qigong is also useful for preventing injuries; it helps greatly with body alignment and relieves stress of both the mind and muscles. Breathing technique is one of the first things taught in Qigong, and through controlled, deep breathes the body is cleansed and relaxed, making Qigong a de-stressing exercise as well as a healing process.The benefits of Qigong are endless, and Wilkinson is going back to school for her second level of study for Qigong. Wilkinson insists, “Qigong is the art of cultivating energy for health and vitality.” And she wishes to share this power to restore your own energy with anyone who will listen.  (, 07/21/08)