A national study titled Sleepless in America conducted by SleepBetter.org, an educational Web site dedicated to helping people sleep better, found that 75 percent of Americans don™t believe they are getting enough sleep. The study also found that about one half (51 percent) of adults said they were not familiar with how to improve their sleep, and nearly one half (48 percent) were still searching for the perfect pillow. Couple those concerns with the excitement of the holidays, and getting a good night™s rest can become even more difficult.

Quality sleep “ like diet and exercise “ is vital to the proper functioning of healthy bodies and minds. SleepBetter.org offers the following tips to remind consumers that the best way to enjoy holiday festivities is to get plenty of quality sleep:

1. Say no to second helpings. Overindulging during this time of year will not only affect the waistline, but also impact good rest. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime, as a full stomach can make it more difficult to fall asleep.

2. Limit the eggnog. Alcohol may help the initial onset of sleep, but as the body clears it from the system, it can cause symptoms that disturb sleep, like nightmares, sweats and headaches. Limit intake of alcoholic beverages and drink one glass of water for every alcoholic beverage consumed to reduce these symptoms.

3. Relax before bedtime. Holiday stress and excitement can wreak havoc on sleep. To combat sleepless nights, develop a pre-sleep ritual to break the connection between the day™s excitement and bedtime.

4. Stop worrying about the perfect gift. Why not indulge your loved one with the gift of sleep? A pillow that reflects a friend or family member™s individual sleep style can make for a truly thoughtful holiday gift. Carpenter Co. has pillows designed for side, back and stomach sleepers, as well as pillows uniquely created for snorers, those with hot flashes and night sweats, as well as seasonal allergy sufferers. A gift custom-suited to a loved one™s sleep needs offers the gift of a perfect night™s rest year-round. Carpenter Co. products can be purchased at major retailers including Belk, Fred Meyer, Cabela™s and Target.com.

5. Maintain a healthy mattress. A quality mattress is of vital importance to a good night™s rest “ during the holidays and all year long. If purchasing a new mattress sounds too expensive during the holidays, think about adding a mattress topper. Available at Belk, Fred Meyer, Cabela™s and Target.com, Carpenter™s Slumber Fresh„ mattress toppers have the added benefit of RELY„ fiber “ an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of known allergens such as mold, mildew and odors.

For more tips on how to improve sleep during the holidays, or to learn about additional products that can enhance sleep, visit www.SleepBetter.org. Visitors will discover helpful features, including an easy-to-navigate archive of sleep-related articles, an extensive catalog of more than 150 sleep tips, an interactive sleep poll that displays up-to-the-moment results and the site™s exclusive Zzzz Score„ test which helps accurately identify personal sleep needs.

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