The biggest thing overlooked by therapists, with regard to newspaper advertising, is the positioning of their advertisement in the paper. Positioning is important because if no one sees it, you get no clients!

Often therapists don’t know how to do newspaper advertising effectively, and usually hand over all control to their friendly newspaper representative. This is a mistake because most advertising representatives have no idea how a massage practice works! So they will more often than not tell you the wrong place to place your ad, such as in the “Natural Therapy” section”, which is usually an ineffectual place. You need to tell them where to place the ad.

So where do you place your ad? To answer this question, you must first understand how people read a newspaper.

The point I want you to remember is no one reads the paper from front to back. People usually look at each section, but for only a minute, which means they glance at or skim through briefly.

They’ll only stop if they read an eye-catching headline with a ton of benefits, just to see what it’s about. If those first few lines are really good, then they’ll likely read the next few sentences, and the next and the next.

So in a nutshell, your job in marketing is to get your potential clients to see your advertisement and then read your advertisement. Then, if they are thinking about massage, they will likely contact you.

As to the actual positioning of your ad in relation to how people read the newspaper, what I have found is you need to place your ad at the front of the paper, no later than say pages 5, 7 and 9. Anything beyond that and you get little or no response. But in saying that, there seems to be good placing at the very back of the newspaper, too. Also, if you have your advertisement in the very front or very back, it will be seen by the majority of people who read that paper.

Amy Roberts is a massage therapist and massage therapy business coach. Her Web sites, and teach massage therapists around the world how to get more clients quickly and easily, and keep them coming back. Roberts has regular business video tutorials available on her blog.

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