From a brand new commercial to a feature on QVC’s popular show, Poo~Pourri is striding into homes across the nation.

“Tired of smelly bathrooms? Can’t cope with the odor? Want a solution that really works?” With these words Poo~Pourri’s new commercial kicks off, showcasing the benefits of their award winning Before-You-Go Bathroom Sprays. Check out their hilarious commercial here!

Poo~Pourri is fighting awkward situations with humor and a product that really goes the distance to eliminate bad bathroom smells before they become established. With just a few spritzes in the toilet bowl before use, the unmentionable becomes a non-issue. Made from natural, essential oils, the formula create a protective film on the water that traps odor particles and leaves only fresh and revitalizing scents behind.

Hot on the heels of their hilarious yet informative commercial, Poo~Pourri is feeling the love as bloggers and QVC’s Anything Goes with Rick & Shawn show rave about their products’ ingenious design. From man-grooming to simply being the hostess with the mostest, customers can’t get enough of the Before-You-Go-Bathroom Spray.

Many fans of Poo~Pourri’s products love how handy their travel size is when going to reunions, spending a day out on the town, or adventuring on family vacations. These 5ml testers come in a sleek black bottle that’s demure enough to fit in a purse or pocket, and chic enough to not draw attention if left out in public. No one wants to be known as the smelly one of the group, and for only five dollars a bottle men and women can bring peace of mind to bathroom breaks near and far.

On QVC’s Anything Goes with Rick & Shawn show, founder Suzy Batiz shared her story and offered viewers a three piece bathroom deodorizer set at the perfect price point. Often overlooked in favor of its powerful abilities, Poo~Pourri’s packaging got a shout out on the show (View Clip here). Each bottle of Poo~Pourri is wrapped in an elegantly designed and colorful label that adds sophistication to brand’s playful side. In addition, Poo~Pourri offers a number of different sized bottles so customers are able to chose the right amount for their needs. They recommend the 4oz bottle for use in highly-trafficked home bathrooms, while the 2oz and 5ml versions are great for trying out new scents and taking-on-the-go.

Founder and aromatherapy specialist Suzy Batiz launched the Poo~Pourri brand in 2007, and has since transformed the $25K start up into a $4M enterprise boasting over 60 different products being sold in five countries.