It has the look and appeal of an ipod, but the new Sniff n Go aromapod delivers a new generation of mood management through an innovative inhaler that fits conveniently in a pocket or purse. The upstart brand will now work with the Hippo Water Roller project to help bring water to rural African communities.

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) April 7, 2009 — Sniff n Go, a sleek personal aromapod that delivers aromatherapy directly to the nose of the user, has become the first corporate brand to put its name behind Hippo Roller International, a global project to improve access to water for rural communities. Google recently singled out the Hippo Roller as an example of the type of innovation Google’s Project 10100 is interested in supporting.

For many, clean water comes with the twist of a tap. But in rural Africa, access to water requires hard work: hours of walking, waiting in line and heavy lifting. The time spent on this basic need keeps many children out of school and prevents women from carrying out their domestic tasks and income generating work.

The Hippo Roller’s innovative design allows the transport of water more easily and efficiently by placing the water inside its “wheel.” A full Hippo contains 200 pounds (90 killigrams) of water – five-times the amount possible using traditional methods. But because the weight is borne on the ground, it has an effective weight of just 22 pounds (10 killigrams) allowing almost anyone to easily manage a full roller over most types of terrain.

The Hippo is a major improvement on the toxic, repurposed gasoline and paint containers that are typically used to collect water in rural African communities. A single Hippo carries enough water to meet the basic needs of five people per day and gives them access to better hygiene and living conditions. In addition, Hippos make it possible for families and schools to collect enough water to grow their own vegetables using a technique known as drip irrigation. Fewer trips to collect water means women and children can spend more time on productive educational and economic activities.

“We’re thrilled to play a role with the Hippo Roller and Google’s Project 10100,” said Luke Vorstermans, CEO of The Orion Group Ltd, the company that developed the Sniff n Go aromapod. “The Hippo Roller takes an existing problem and by simply changing the delivery system makes it more user friendly and efficient. That’s exactly what we did with the aromapod. It’s a perfect fit for us.” The company will donate 5% of product sales to fund the Hippo Project.

Sniff n Go delivers the health benefits of aromatherapy through an innovative, credit card-sized inhaler. Pure essential oils are infused into a wafer that is housed inside the aromapod allowing a personal and non intrusive enjoyment of aromatherapy. The Sniff n Go aromapod is currently being launched in the US, Canada and abroad.

For more information on Sniff n Go or the Hippo Roller Project, contact:

Luke Vorstermans
Founder, The Sense of Smell Lab
Tel: 888 412-1067