From the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Detox: Products and Hands-On Technique for Healthy Detoxification,” , in the July 2010 issue. Article summary: No matter how healthy we try to live, we cannot escape toxins, and as the public becomes increasingly knowledgeable about pollution’s effects on the environment—and, in turn, on their bodies—they will increasingly turn to health professionals to assist them in the detoxification process. Massage therapists have access to many effective products and techniques to help them lead the way in detoxification.

by Vladimir Badmaev, M.D., Ph.D.

Even the most conscientious health advocate eventually needs detoxification from the effects of food and the environment. Early signs of toxin accumulation—digestive complaints, headache, mental fatigue and low energy—when left untreated, can lead to serious health conditions.

Tibetan herbal/mineral formulas offer a unique approach to detoxification from the ancient philosophy of the Tibetan physician: “I do not cure illness, but I remove the causes of disease.”

Nothing is more important to Tibetan medical philosophy, and as vital to the detoxification process, as the bioprotectant, adaptogenic aspect. An adaptogen herbal/mineral formula unwinds biological damage before it is done. The Tibetan approach doesn’t just focus on elimination, like many detox agents on the market today, but uses a full-spectrum approach that modifies the biological response by preventing accumulation of toxins at the assimilation stage.

Tibetan health philosophy starts with digestion, because in Tibetan medicine disease is considered primarily a derangement of nutrition. Correcting nutritional pathology begins with an adaptogen formula to help the body resist assaults to the digestive tract and to assist in assimilation and bioprotection. Then, a second formula is used to effect the detoxification process.

Detoxification in Tibetan medicine focuses on the lymph factor and utilizes herbal formulas that directly assist the lymphatic system in eliminating chemical and biological toxins while restoring healthy metabolism, physical vitality and adaptability of the organism.

The Tibetan detoxification formula not only opens and cleanses the biological systems—the lymphatics and organs of elimination—but also the energy channels. In addition to eliminating accumulated toxins, a balanced physical state depends on accumulating energy and vitality for strengthened immunity and resistance to disease.

The combination of correct assimilation and detoxification is central to the Tibetan medical philosophy of health, and is easily accomplished with Tibetan herbal/mineral adaptogenic and detoxification formulas.

Vladimir Badmaev, M.D., Ph.D., is a third generation physician and an award-winning doctor, researcher and author. Badmaev’s lifelong goal is bringing proven Eastern medicine formulas, such as Circulate 28 and Essential Detox, to the West. He is director of scientific and medical affairs, PL Thomas, president of Badmaev Natural Drug Foundation and is on the medical advisory board at American Nutriceuticals (