To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Chakra Personality Types: Match Clients’ Vibrational Blueprint with Select Spa Services,” by Linda Bertaut, in the September 2010 issue. Article summary: The chakras fuel the physical body, providing health and vitality. Twelve major chakras are known to us at this time, nine of which relate to a personality type. Seven reside within the body and are the same colors as nature’s rainbow. They represent personal life-force energy. The remaining five reside beyond the body. These are our network connection to the cosmos and universal energy. Higher consciousness filters through the upper chakras, providing us with insights.

by Schroeder Nordholt

All religions have significance surrounding the number seven. Catholicism has its seven days to create the world, seven blessed sacraments, seven gifts and seven fruits of the Holy Spirit, and seven deadly sins; Christianity has Seventh Day Adventism; Judaism has its seven-branch menorah and the seventh day (Sabbath); in Islam and Sufism, the Prophet Muhammad ascended into seven heavens; and Hinduism speaks of the seven chakras.

Chakras are believed to be vital energy generators, existing within the mid-upper part of each human body, from the pelvic region through to the top of the head. Rotation of these energy centers in a certain balanced manner and in a certain direction results in a balanced and healthy individual. The chakras are also considered to be gateways for receiving and transmitting subtle energies.

Quantum physicists have told us everything is vibration. Our bodies are vibration. Music is vibration. It doesn’t take much to see the importance of the quality of music we choose bears a large significance upon our lives.

Each chakra vibrates at a certain frequency, and so too do the seven main notes of the modern Western major scale: do, re, mi, fa, so, la and ti (with do repeating at twice its initial frequency above ti). In fact, each of these notes relates directly to a specific chakra: Do stimulates the first chakra, re stimulates the second, and so on.

However, it’s not as simple as that, as our chakras will only respond in a positive way to a certain aesthetic quality. Someone can scream “Fa!” at you and your fourth chakra isn’t necessarily going to end up balanced or at ease.

With fine attention to detail, an artist can craft sounds to soothingly caress our chakras and really help to awaken us to our true inner selves. This awareness both on the part of the composer and the practitioner can immensely magnify the healing experience of massage therapy.

Schroeder Nordholt is a composer and producer with Asoma Music (