In a strategic refocusing of the online firm, the Word and Happiness Institute director, Dr. Joel Akande, indicated that the Institute will be moving into a new website with comprehensive and functional software installed. To mark this occasion, the Institute has published a new formula and insight for achieving happiness in a new book titled: Dr. Joel A’s The Road and the Key to Happiness (Publisher: Authorhouse).

The new book, which has already hit the bookshops globally and is available online, he pointed out, is a departure from existing knowledge about happiness as it focuses on impact of law, value, intention, internal and external human factors amongst others.

He also added that the Institute will offer e-consultation for individuals and companies intending to experience a greater level of happiness and productivity.

In a further indication of the tactical reorganisation and repositioning of the firm, Dr. Akande, who is a clinical Psychiatrist and well grounded in legal education, said the Institute, as he calls it, will be offering online poetic expressions to users to relieve anxiety, depression and general unhappiness. It also plans according to the director, to offer happiness quotes, words of encouragement to people who require them or to individuals or companies intending on greater quality of life.

Looking strategically into the future and in an attempt to involve users as much as possible, the Word and Happiness Institute will now be accepting as from August 1st 2008, appropriate videos streams, with happiness content, from users to share online with other visitors to the website, from all over the world.

Word and Happiness Institute is an online initiative, dedicated to helping individuals and people to achieve happiness and to resolve conflicting issues limiting their happiness.

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