New York, New York, (March 27, 2012):  TheraBiogen, Inc. creator of the homeopathic remedy “TheraMax™ Cold and Flu” has generously offered their product to India’s Minister of Health and Family Welfare to help in their H1N1 Flu outbreak.

India has stated it is suffering from an outbreak of H1N1, specifically known as the “Swine Flu”. To date, the strand of flu has claimed 12 lives.

TheraMax™ Cold and Flu has been tested in vitro on various strains of influenza and in vitro specifically on H1N1 strain by an internationally recognized researcher in this country. In those animal studies, a number of conclusions were reached regarding TheraMax® effects on H1N1.

TheraMax™ Cold and Flu is delivered into the body through a nasal spray. It’s non-addictive all natural decongestant formula aids in speedy relief of sneezing, runny nose, itch-watery eyes, nasal congestion and sinus pressure from the flu and colds. It has the potential to be a preventative if used at the first signs of a cold or flu.

This product is completely homeopathic and doesn’t contain zinc like their competitors, reducing the risk of side effects caused from Zinc remedies.

In a gesture of compassion, TheraBiogen, Inc.’s CEO Kelly Hickel has informed the Indian Minister of Health that he has a modest supply on hand which he will gladly send over immediately, and should more product be necessary they will gladly donate their net profit as a humanitarian effort to aid in their fight against the H1N1 Flu strain.

The H1N1 Flu is a vicious strain of flu that often causes casualties every year. It’s important to protect yourself during cold and flu season to prevent yourself from contracting this strain of flu.

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