Asheville Massage therapist Kendell Greene provides natural healing and effective pain relief therapy with her researched and proven method that combines deep tissue massage with DPL light therapy.

PRLog (Press Release) – May 11, 2009 – Asheville massage therapist Kendell Greene has developed a unique method for pain relief and natural healing of back, neck and leg injuries involving muscles and scar tissue. This effective method combines targeted deep tissue massage techniques with light therapy using the DPL system of photon red and infrared light waves.

“My clients have experienced natural healing and pain relief from this method that I have developed over the last few years,” stated Greene, a licensed massage therapist and body sculpting practitioner. According to Greene, clients receive such pain relief that they no longer require her services.

Chris Kaminski, head web designer with Lone Bird Studio praises Greene’s massage therapy that healed his knee problems. Two years ago, Kaminski started having major pain and stiffness in his knees and was having a difficult time of walking and moving. He visited a doctor and was advised that he needed knee replacement surgery. Fortunately Kaminski met Greene and after just four therapeutic massage treatments his knees were pain free. He is now hiking and walking with ease.

Greene has carefully researched and studied the lymphatic and muscular system to develop this method of deep tissue massage that manipulates both the lymph and any areas where scar tissue has hardened causing blockage and pain.

“I have found that the problems clients have with pain and stiffness are not just muscular. Because of injury, stress, over-use, etc. the connective tissue will harden to protect the muscles and bones; however, it will continue to grow and harden to a point that will lead to pain and stiffness,” explains Greene.

“Many times this fascia is a hard as a bone due to the addition of calcium deposits. This hardened connective tissue or fascia, can become so thick and heavy that it blocks the lymph and circulatory systems causing swelling and/or numbness, as well as pinched nerves. I have discovered a massage technique that releases or “melts” this hardened fascia/scar tissue very painlessly. I have also incorporated a light therapy that was based on a NASA study to help in removing this hardened tissue. I have done extensive research on herbs, oils, etc. that I add to my lotion to also help break down the fascia,” stated Greene.

Clients have experienced natural healing and pain relief for Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Bone Spurs, Bone Chips, Leg Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist Pain, Sore Back, Tight Muscles, Arthritis, Tendon Problems, Swelling, Ankle and Knee problems. To find out more about this unique and natural pain relief massage method, visit The Bodywork Studo website for pain management and natural healing.

The Bodywork Studo in Asheville, NC specializes in pain management and pain relief with an effective massage method that has helped many clients through the years. Contact Kendell Greene for your massage therapy. Call 828-231-1919 for any questions.