by Michelle LaBrosse

There is No ‘I’ in Teamwork, MASSAGE MagazineYou can only call a group of employees a team if the members all focus on helping one another achieve an organized goal. So how do you ensure your team is more than just a group? With project management, you will learn how to foster a creative and collaborative culture where each member feels valued and contributes to the overall functional success of the team and organization.

Experience the difference

Build a common project management model for use throughout all departments in your business. Inspire people to master and use a well-defined process for all projects. There will be fewer delays and a better grasp of how work should progress and how relationships affect one another. The model will also provide a yard stick by which progress can be measured.

Empower individuals and team leaders with skills to succeed

People appreciate a blueprint for productivity and prefer to work effectively alone and with others. By providing a simple approach for project management along with the most effective tools for people to use, team members will optimize productivity and meet their goals alone and as a team.

Create institutional memory

Install a “lessons learned” section in every project closeout phase you complete. This section provides an invaluable reflection of successes and shortcomings in each project. This critical historical knowledge will boost future projects and prevent repeated mistakes. It will also help avoid starting each project from square one each time. It is empowering to have a better grasp of the realities of the project before it even begins.

Realize return on innovation

It’s common for people to get bogged down in the details of the project and to lose sight of a good idea. A simple project management methodology provides a way to support innovation and celebrate ideas. Offering a complete project plan highlights objectives and shows the team how their work impacts the organization. This blueprint empowers people to move smoothly from vision to action and increases achievement.

Turn information into insight

Keep in touch with your massage clients and access their insight. This provides a “polished mirror” approach to identify best practices and what is or is not working in your business. Applying a basic project management principle throughout your organization also provides the business with a competitive edge and can lead to optimizing organizational output.

Give people power tools

It’s much more difficult to complete your task without the necessary tools. A support system with user-friendly tools will ensure a legacy of lasting success.

Create contagious commitment

Talk up your team, your project and your success no matter who is listening (or not listening). This sort of support is contagious and everyone wants to be on a winning team. With everyone’s cooperation and successes that build on one another, achieving goals will become easier.

Use the above techniques to lead your team to the finish line. By using project management to communicate, align your goals and celebrate your team efforts, you will create a self-perpetuating model for success.

Michelle LaBrosse, MASSAGE MagazineMichelle LaBrosse, PMP, is the founder of Cheetah Learning, and author of Cheetah Negotiations and Cheetah Project Management. The Project Management Institute,, recently selected LaBrosse as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Project Management in the World, and only one of two women selected from the training and education industry. She is a graduate of the Harvard Business School’s Owner President Managers (OPM) program and also holds engineering degrees from Syracuse University and the University of Dayton. Her articles have appeared in more than 100 publications and Web sites around the world. Her monthly column, the “Know How Network,” is carried by more than 400 publications, and her monthly newsletter goes out to more than 50,000 people. Her radio program, “Your World Your Way,” is a weekly broadcast that looks at how project management fuels success.