1203_ThermalBallsKINGSLAND, Ga. — Due to continued requests from massage therapists and pain management professionals after the unexpected passing of Kevin Clukey, the original owner and inventor of ThermalBalls, MedSpa Distributors has acquired the business and will continue to produce the product missed and loved by many professionals and clients.

First introduced in 2005, ThermalBalls quickly grew in popularity, becoming the no. 1 item at AMTA national meetings and a commonly known brand among the massage community. Production will begin in January 2015 to keep up with existing demand for the item.

ThermalBalls are an excellent way to send your clients home with convenient and easy pain relief, all while increasing your income. The unique gel core is specifically designed to retain heat and cold for longer than 30 minutes for lasting relief, while the firm but flexible outer surface grips to skin, conforming to muscle structure to concentrate the pressure where it is needed most.

These products can be effortlessly heated in water or cooled for aid in a multitude of ailments including headaches, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, carpal tunnel, arthritis, menopause symptoms, muscle aches, back pain, sports injuries and rehabilitation, among other therapeutic uses. There are countless ways to utilize the balls in household activities, as well, such as children’s bumps and bruises and as an emergency ice pack for first aid. ThermalBalls are also beneficial in the treatment room—they can be used as an extension of your hands during services and are great for deep tissue massage and pressure.

An array of accessories will also be available, such as crock pots for easy heating of the balls in the treatment room, a mobile, a flexible body band to deliver heat or cryotherapy directly to the body, and mesh gift bags. ThermalBalls are offered in two sizes and three colors—approximately 8 ounces in white and red and 16 ounces in royal blue.

ThermalBalls are now available for immediate shipping. Call MedSpa Distributors at (888) 385-9058 for wholesale pricing, specials, suggested retail pricing or for more information on this innovative way to enhance your client’s therapeutic massage sessions.

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