Things to Consider When Creating Your Massage Business Website, MASSAGE MagazineEstablishing an online presence is key in today’s society. Here are some items to consider when creating a website for your massage business.

Don’t overload the pages with too much text. While it’s important to have quality and informative content, you don’t want your website to look like a wall of text. It can be overwhelming, and clients won’t bother reading any of it. Break the text up into appropriate pages and areas.

Use your own pictures or royalty-free pictures you have permission to use. Do not steal pictures from other websites. Having pictures not only helps explain your story, but helps to break up the text and makes it more manageable to read.

Include a call to action to visitors. What do you want people on your site to do? Schedule an appointment, right? Be sure to have that option clearly available with such text as “Schedule online now” or “Contact us to schedule an appointment today.”

Keep the font style, size and color uniform throughout your site. Consistency is essential to the flow of your website.

Update your site regularly. Not only does this help with search engine optimization, but it will also keep your visitors interested in coming back to your site. Including a blog on your website is a great way to add new and interesting content for your clients. This is a great way to share self-help tips or health-related articles, and also a perfect opportunity to educate your clients on the many benefits of massage.

Always purchase your own domain names. Never allow someone else to handle this for you. Some Web hosting or design companies offer to do this, only to register it in their name instead of yours. They then have control and can hold your website hostage and prevent you from leaving their company. Of course, not all Web hosting companies are so unethical, but it’s best not to chance it and to handle this aspect yourself.

Cindy Iwlew is co-founder of Bodywork Buddy Massage Software, a complete online-management solution for independent massage therapists that includes online scheduling. She continues to operate her own private massage practice of 13 years, and has been an associate instructor for Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy since 2007. For more information, visit

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