KNOXVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–This year add a little green to your Halloween and have a more environmentally friendly celebration with these easy “Green Halloween” tips from and eco-designer and architect Michelle Kaufmann:

Jack-o’-lanterns: When giving your Halloween pumpkin that signature scowl, be sure to compost the pumpkin pieces you carve out in the process. On Halloween night, light up your jack-o’-lantern with LED candles instead of paraffin wax candles, which come from oil, a non-renewable resource. Once Halloween has passed, either compost your carved pumpkin or donate it to your local zoo – pumpkins are a special seasonal treat for zoo animals like elephants!

Costume: Unless you’re a bit of an eccentric, you’ll probably only wear your Halloween costume once, maybe twice if you’re really stumped on ideas for next year. So, why spend the money to buy a brand new one? Instead, put your creative side to the test and make your costume using old clothes and a few embellishments or buy something fun from a vintage store. If you’re hoping to achieve that extra ”wow” factor, you can always rent a fancier costume for the night.

Treats: Replace the unhealthy candies full of artificial sweeteners with healthy, organic or fair-trade treats to hand out to your trick-or-treaters. This time of year, Halloween-themed organic “candy” bars are available in favorite seasonal flavors. For a more traditional treat, you can also hand out chocolate Halloween treats that are 100 percent ethically traded and made from all-natural milk. Plus, check the wrapping: some manufacturers donate a portion of profits to eco-friendly causes.

Goody bag: Store shelves are filled with trick-or-treat bags, but why buy one when you and your kids can make reusable bags covered with unique Halloween flair? There’s always the trusty old pillowcase option, but you can do better than that! Take an un-dyed, canvas bag and decorate it with fabric pens, black and orange ribbon, patches and any other fun Halloween themed décor you can add. Attach a small open-top pocket inside so your little goblins can store (and not litter) wrappers from the candies they just couldn’t wait to eat.

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