March 13, 2009 ( The Thymes is a collection of aromatic home and bath essential fragrances that incorporate ingredients which are naturally rich in vitamins and minerals and contribute valuable benefits.

Pioneer Linens is proud to offer this collection since it also features natural oils and botanical extracts from flowers, herbs, fruits, leaves and roots for their aromatherapeutic effects or their ability to balance and protect the skin.

Each Thymes fragrance collection will reward you with a unique sensory experience, whether you are seeking feelings of comfort, well-being, clarity or joy using scents of citrus, the lushest-smelling lavender, bergamot or eucalyptus.

Try any of the following Thymes luxury aromatherapy home and bath fragrances:

Azur Home Fragrance
Eucalyptus Body Care
Frasier Fir
Goldleaf Home Fragrance
Lavender Home Fragrance