(July 30, 2010): TIBIA Massage School has always featured energy healing and intuitive bodywork in its 750-hour massage program and Continuing Education offerings. Its name, TIBIA, stands for Transformation ~ Intuition ~ Bodywork ~ In Action. Recently, TIBIA has launched a new 540-hour program specifically to develop participants’ skills in working with intuition, energy, and the realm of Spirit. (No specific spiritual beliefs are assumed or required).

The 540-hour IntuAction Program integrates instruction, experience, and practice in working with intuition and energy. Participants discover from the inside the transformational potential of the sessions they are learning to facilitate and the dynamics of co-creating that transformation with and for others. The program is divided into three modules, each of which prepares students to offer a different type of session for compensation (Raindrop Technique sessions, energy sessions, and intuitive sessions) while laying the groundwork for the courses that follow. The modules may be taken separately in order.

The program is designed for both bodyworkers and the general public. Though no training or experience in bodywork is presumed, over 70 NCBTMB-approved Continuing Education Hours are available from the first module alone. (The courses qualifying for CE Hours may also be taken separately in order.)

The program demands a high level of self-awareness, self-discipline, and commitment to one’s own spiritual evolution. These qualities, applied in practice as the program unfolds, make it possible for participants to distinguish with increasing accuracy the promptings of ego from the promptings of Spirit. Along with this emerging ability comes an expanded experience of inner peace and grace at work in one’s life and relationships, according to participants who have completed the majority of the curriculum. (The program in its current form is too new to have graduates yet, although most of the courses have been tested and refined over many years).

Participants who are bodyworkers report a surge in their intuitive knowledge of where and how to use their hands with each client—infusing their massage/bodywork sessions with a new freshness, creativity, and dynamism. There is also a new level of ease—for the curriculum insists that participants learn to allow sessions to flow through them rather than using effort or force. With remarkable consistency, participants learn that the more a session just flows, the more the client receives.

For more information, you may contact TIBIA IntuAction Institute, 6225 University Ave., Suite 202, Madison, WI 53705. Telephone (608) 238-7328; info@tibiainc.com; www.tibiainc.com.