What do I need to know before I shop for systems to file electronic health-care claims, especially if I have never filed any claims before?

Make sure you shop for software that offers step-by-step training. While electronic claim filing systems are a great tool for getting paid faster and more frequently, some tools lack in customer support or offer customer support that is limited. Shop for systems that have unlimited technical support to make sure you can take advantage of the system quickly and easily. Most practitioners need extensive hand-holding as they learn new software. Training can be expensive, so be sure to add that to the cost of the system you choose. Also, some companies claim to offer free software, but then charge high fees for connecting electronically to a clearinghouse that routes claims to the payer. Make sure to ask for a complete list of all charges before you buy. 

This eZipTip is provided courtesy of the customer service team at www.ZipClaims.com.