This new educational website was designed to provide online access to in-depth training for any massage therapist throughout the world.

Mesa, AZ (PRWEB) July 11, 2012. This new training is completely free to sign up right now, giving access to a small selection of massage stone educational videos (68 videos and counting).

In later stages of its development, the content will be further developed and delivered through video demonstrations, to enable a licensed massage therapist to become proficient at giving a stone massage. This additional content will be available at a premium membership level for a small monthly fee.

While it’s still in its early developmental stages, once is complete there will be several paid levels (plus a continued free level) of access to dozens of hours of video, reference guides, workbooks and business growth tools. The content is designed to teach a massage therapist how to become skilled at giving a hot-stone massage in a safe and proficient manner. is the perfect solution for all massage therapists no matter their level of education or experience. It is specifically designed to build upon what they may have learned through school, a DVD or workshops. It will give any therapist the tools and knowledge to not only build a solid foundation as a stone therapist but also to expand what they may already know.

TIR Massage Stone’s goal in creating TeachMeStone is to enable a therapist to offer each client a truly therapeutic and healing stone massage. Once is complete, it will contain in-depth content areas, such as the safest and quickest way to starting giving a hot-stone massage, creating the perfect treatment plan for each client and how to incorporate stones into your current practice among many more.

While a therapist must attend a LaStone workshop with one of the LaStone instructors in order to receive LaStone certification, TeachMeStone is a perfect support. Any therapist going through TeachMeStone will be better prepared to take a workshop and greatly enhance their experience with stone massage while at a LaStone workshop.

Joining is free (and easy). Simply go to for a membership.