July 11, 2012. TIR Massage Stone’s website is going to get a face-lift with additional functionality to make the shopping process streamlined and flawless. The new website design and function will go beyond a simple e-commerce site; it is designed to reflect the new vision and direction of the company.

Working to become the premier massage-stone supply company since its founding in 2005, it has become completely independent of the much larger company of which it was once a small division. TIR Massage Stone has become well known in the massage industry, oftentimes beating out their competition based on customer service and quality with higher priced products. While the new website, and ultimately new direction of the company, will continue to reflect this ideology and use it as its foundation, TIR Massage Stone will become much more than just a hot-stone massage supplier.

Their focus is shifting to providing all of the resources and means by which a massage therapist, anywhere in the world, can become highly skilled at stone massage. Stone massage offers tremendous therapeutic and healing benefits, and everything they now do as a company revolves around enabling a massage therapist to become highly effective at not only hot-stone massage but cold-stone massage as well.

With the recent acquisition of LaStone Therapy, a well known stone-massage education company, TIR Massage Stone now has all of the resources to make their vision a reality. They will provide products and comprehensive education to enable a licensed massage therapist to not only become certified in stone massage, but to also give a highly therapeutic and healing experience to their clients. This education and training will be offered through physical workshops, held at their facility in Mesa, Arizona, as well as all throughout the world as hosted by certified LaStone instructors. Educational content, of the LaStone methodology, will also be offered online through a specialty educational membership portal.

Visit www.tirmassagestone.com later in July to see these new updates