To Buy Media, or Pull My Hair Out, by Randi Drinkwater, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipBuying media is not an easy decision for any alternative and integrative health-care practitioner. Choosing the right publication to run your ads in is almost as daunting as what the ad should say and look like.

For years publications have touted the value of mass reach (i.e., reaching a lot of readers in the publications you run ads in). That’s all well and good if your product or service appeals to most anyone out there—chocolate, deodorant, coke, etc. The question you must ask yourself is, “Are you reaching the right people or just lots of people?” Because in the game of marketing, it’s not about the quantity of people who see your ad, it’s about the quality.

Don’t be fooled by a publication’s large circulation.  Bigger is not always better.

Those who have your best interest at heart will tell you the circulation of a publication or newspaper is only of value to you if its readers fit the profile of your best clients. Such items as demographics and psychographics play a key role in defining the best publication to choose for your  print advertising needs.

Think about it: If you only do business within a 10-mile radius of your office and a publication covers the entire metro area spanning 40 miles, is this the right place for you to run an ad?

If your practice caters to children, will you run an ad in a publication that focuses on the singles lifestyle, or will you target publications that attract the married with children set? If your focus is on those who have retired and are looking to maintain their wellness, would your money be better spent in the local paper or in publications that are distributed to retirement communities?

There is a method to the madness of choosing the right publication. When purposefully executed, the results will be more than rewarding. 

Randi Drinkwater, To Buy Media, or Pull My Hair Out, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipFor more than 25 years, Randi Drinkwater has successfully spearheaded high-impact marketing solutions for such global companies as IBM, Cisco Systems, and WorldCom/MCI/UUNet. Today, Drinkwater resides as CEO for Alternative Growth Streams, ( a marketing-membership website designed exclusively to empower alternative and integrative practitioners to grow their practices and get more patients/clients. She is well known and respected throughout the industry and is the recipient of the “BPAA Atlanta Peach” and “Southeast Addy” award for marketing excellence.