Tola Neuromuscular Release System Now Includes Tola Strap, MASSAGE MagazineThe already-popular Tola® neuromuscular release system now includes the Tola Strap, making it more effective and even easier to use. Other self-treatment tools lack the proper contour to apply precise pressure or require the user to contract the very muscles they’re targeting. The Tola System with Tola Strap was designed to correct these shortcomings.

By offering three uniquely contoured point sizes, a rocker and angled wedges, the Tola System can be customized to reach the precise angle, pressure and level of penetration needed for myofascial trigger-point release. The Tola Strap, now included with the kit, allows the user to completely relax the muscles on which she is working and apply pressure to hard-to-reach areas without assistance. The 8-foot adjustable strap can be used in a closed or open position. For example, loop the closed strap around the body and use feet or legs to apply pressure from a sitting position. Open the loop and hang the strap from a door for therapy in a standing position.

Each Tola System kit includes three Tola points with unique contours, two wedge bases, one rocker base, the Tola Strap and a 50-page manual.

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