On Nov. 11 – tomorrow – people around the world will breathe together.

During a meditation back in 2006, Rabia Hayek envisioned 1 billion people breathing together simultaneously. A breathwork practitioner and teacher, he decided to make his vision a reality.

The result is the Do As One project. Hayek and his fellow Do As One founders Eric Stotz and Jaime Collaco are promoting an event on Nov. 11, during which they hope 1 billion people around the world will breathe together.

In order to gauge this mission, the team created a “universal breathing room” on the Do As One website (www.doasone.com), which shows the number of people breathing together at any given time, and includes a prompt one can use to time one’s in-and-out breaths.

Hayek said, on average, 5,000 to 7,000 people around the world are logged into the breathing room on any given day.

Other rooms on the site include the “color breathing room,” “universal om room” and “universal meditation room.”

“When people unite their life force by breathing synchronously and envision the world that they wish to create at the same time, a tremendous permission for harmonizing good is created in and through humanity into the entire living field,” explained Hayek. “The breath has no color, no religion, no separation—and yet it is available to every living being on this Earth.”

—Karen Menehan