Massage therapists bring new energy to their practices by adding “Qigong Healing” to their credentials.

Top 5 Reasons Massage Therapists Should Learn Qigong

1. To prevent from absorbing negative energy and stress from clients
2. To keep hands “Full of Qi” when giving massages for vastly improved healing results
3. To increase microcirculation of blood and qi to intestines and vital organs for staying grounded
4. To stay emotionally balanced. Possible through breathing techniques that give a full-body vibration
5. And lastly… To learn how FOOD-BASED HEALING can reverse the worst diseases of our time

About Qigong
Qigong defines Qi as the Energy of Life – the metabolism. It increases blood circulation and digestion to help us stay grounded.  The practice of Qigong uses advanced breathing techniques with slow graceful movements. 

About Qigong Healing Workshops
Qigong Healing offers 4-Days of Qigong Training and 32 NCBTMB CEU’s for $99. The next workshop will be help at the Orlando Convention Center on April 25th-28th. Over 7,000 Massage Therapists have experienced the power of this workshop and loved it.  Participants use what they learn to keep their Immune system strong and to build energy for becoming an even better massage therapist. Massage Therapists often report that after Qigong training their clients claim to receive the best massage of their life.

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