Adding a new technique to your menu can be exciting, profitable and build your book of business. Marketing a new massage technique can help you retain your current clients, attract new ones and keep staff motivated.

Adding a new technique to your menu can be exciting, profitable and build your book of business. Marketing a new massage technique can help you retain your current clients, attract new ones and keep staff motivated.

Before you launch your new technique, map out a plan of action that includes a calendar of key actions to take and the person responsible for each task. Think of this as a campaign with multiple activities and audiences to drive appointments. Using the following tips will provide you with ideas for marketing that make for a smooth, seamless and stress-free launch.

1. Build anticipation.

You can build social media buzz and excitement about your new technique by using posts and short videos to let people know something new and exciting is about to be revealed. You can give hints, pose questions, create a contest or even a giveaway to encourage social media engagement. If you publish a newsletter, announce that a new technique is coming. You might want to do a soft launch before adding it to your menu permanently. This will ensure that the new technique can be executed flawlessly. Build anticipation with a shelf-talker —a sign that describes the technique — in your workspace.

2. Invite your VIP clients and influencers to have a sneak peek.

We all love to be in on something new. Providing a sample treatment to your top clients will allow yourself and staff to practice and master the technique — and also entice your best clients to spread the word about it. Rewarding your top-spending clients (not just those you like a lot) is also an effective strategy for retention. Your VIP clients all have social networks, friends and family that they communicate with, and the recommendation of your new technique is important to growing interest quickly and efficiently.

3. Create a special event to launch the new technique.

Nothing signals new, exciting and different like a special event. This can be as simple as a demonstration, an afternoon of mini-sessions or a larger event. Not only will you drive foot traffic to your business, you can promote the new technique through gift cards, service bookings and social media shares. Depending on the size and location of the event, this can be an opportunity to partner with other local businesses. You might partner with a local florist, cupcake baker or other service or product provider to make the event extra special.

4. Go live on social media.

Using a short video on Instagram, a Facebook live session or a demonstration on YouTube does two important things: It educates your clientele about the benefits of the new technique and it builds curiosity. Part of the role of social media is to educate while enticing your client. Video will generate more likes, shares and engagement than just posting a picture.

5. Encourage clients to bounce back.

When a client tries the new technique for the first time, offer them an incentive to try it again. Rewarding the client for experiencing your new service a second time helps turn them into loyal fans. This can be a discount, a complimentary add-on service or an extended service at their next appointment.

6. Tie the technique to a retail offering.

Retail items not only extend the benefits of your new technique but help to retain your client. Select an item that compliments the new technique. For example, if you are introducing lomi lomi massage you might promote a retail item that invokes the Hawaiian experience. This makes the new technique not only a great experience but a memorable one. Memorable events encourage participants to share their experience on review sites.

7. Raise your rates.

Adding a new technique to your repertoire has costs beyond just the cost of supplies and labor. You may have had training costs, new purchases and travel expenses involved in bringing this to your clients. When you are introducing a new technique, it is an excellent time to review all your current rates and adjust accordingly. Capitalize on the excitement and interest of a new technique to adjust your rates across the board.

About the Author:

Patti Biro is the owner of Patti Biro and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in education, special events and retail consulting. Biro is a National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork-approved continuing education provider.