555fitness-and-topical-biomedics-logosRHINEBECK, N.Y., August 21—Topical BioMedics Inc. announces it has partnered with 555 Fitness as a sponsor, with its Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream designated as the nonprofit’s natural pain reliever of choice.    

555 Fitness is a firefighter-founded, web-based organization that is actively addressing line of duty deaths and the high rate of pain and injuries firefighters are suffering due to the demands of their dangerous profession.

The organization posts a series of free daily workouts geared to the rigors of the firefighting profession to more than 40,000 followers around the world on social media. To assure that firefighters have the equipment needed at the firehouse, they offer the “Strength is Our Foundation” annual grant, which awards workout equipment valued at more than $3,000 to selected fire station applicants, along with coaching on proper use of the equipment. The mission of 555 Fitness is to reduce cardiac-related line of duty deaths by improving firefighter fitness.

“Firefighting is a fast, demanding, dangerous and unforgiving job,” said Robert “Pip” Piparo, 555 Fitness vice president, lieutenant with the City of New Brunswick Fire Department in New Brunswick, New Jersey, and paramedic with Raritan Bay Medical Center in Perth Amboy, New Jersey. “Tragically, over 50 percent of firefighter fatalities can be attributed to cardiac-related events on the job. That’s why we founded 555 Fitness, in support of the people who put their lives on the line every day.”

“Our goal is to reach as many of our fellow brothers and sisters to reduce the number of cardiac-related line of duty deaths by engaging them in physical fitness and health,” said Ewa Hlebowicz, 555 Fitness Grant Coordinator, career firefighter and paramedic, and fitness trainer in Rochester, New York. “We strive to keep the workouts new and interesting, and contribute to firefighters being able to do their jobs more effectively to live a longer, healthier life.”

In support of 555 Fitness’ initiatives, Topical BioMedics is using its flagship product Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream—a favorite with first responders—as a funding mechanism. When firefighters, police, EMTs and other first responders buy any Topricin product and use promo code 555Fit, they get a 30 percent discount on its line of healing creams and the new product extension MyPainAway™ powered by Topricin formulas, with 10 percent of sales donated to 555 Fitness.

The company will also provide product samples at firefighter industry expos and events, and offer pain management webinars and workshops that address the profession’s physical demands. 

“It takes a special person to be a firefighter—someone willing to put their life on the line to save someone they never met before,” said Lou Paradise, president and chief of research, Topical BioMedics in Rhinebeck, New York. “As public safety athletes, being at optimum physical readiness is critical for the lives they will save, including their own. 

“A fitter firefighter reduces line of duty deaths, and we are honored to partner with 555 Fitness in their important work,” added Paradise. “Our Topricin formulas offer numerous benefits to those in the firefighting profession: more productive workouts, faster recovery, increased endurance and stamina, as well as reduced injury risk and repairs of micro-tears in connective tissue. Topricin also helps reduce the need and dependency on all categories of pain pills, including prescription opioids. On- and off-duty, it will help keep firefighters ready for action.”


About 555 Fitness

555 Fitness is a firefighter-founded charity whose mission is to reduce cardiac-related line of duty deaths by improving firefighter fitness. 555 Fitness tailors its free daily workouts to the rigors of the firefighting profession. The nonprofit also offers its “Strength is Our Foundation” annual grant, which provides workout equipment and related training to fire stations across the country. The grant program is open to volunteer, combination and career departments. In addition, 555 Fitness has an online store that offers apparel and gear, with proceeds of some items funding its grant program. 


About Topical Biomedics

Topical BioMedics is a research and development leader in topical patented natural biomedicines for pain relief. The company’s flagship product, Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. Made in the U.S., all Topricin products are federally regulated over-the-counter medicines with no known side effects, and no parabens, petroleum, or other harsh chemicals. It has launched its “Get Relief, Give Relief” initiative: For every Topricin product purchased directly from the company, it will donate a tube of Topricin to a free pain clinic or charitable organization. The company also offers , a free app for on-the-go pain tracking and monitoring. You may order from topricin.com or call (800) LES-PAIN (537-7246).